Apply: Earthshot Prize

The search is on for The Earthshot Prize 2023, with the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) continuing its role as an official nominator for the second year running.

EMEC is one of 349 nominators from 66 countries tasked with identifying breakthrough solutions that can solve the world’s biggest environmental challenges.

Earthshot is seeking innovations that will help repair and regenerate the planet. Assessment criteria are heavily weighted toward preventive solutions that address the source of the problem.

This complements EMEC’s vision of supporting the transition to a low-carbon future. With 2023 marking EMEC’s 20th anniversary, EMEC seeks applications from its clients, partners and alumni, as well as companies working in similar sectors, such as offshore energy, green energy vectors and energy systems. 

All nominations should be well beyond idea stage but can have development requirements that need to be addressed before they are ready to scale their impact. Solutions should have the potential to be scaled and replicated to be relevant on a global level by 2030, making a significant or transformative impact on at least one of the Earthshot categories: protect and restore nature; clean our air; revive our oceans; build a waste-free world; and fix our climate.

EMEC’s online nomination form is at:

Submissions must be received by noon, Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

After EMEC submits its selected nominations to The Earthshot Prize, they are screened alongside all global nominations as part of a rigorous assessment process, culminating in the selection of five winners by the Earthshot Prize Council.

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