Advanced Navigation Research Simulator for Singapore’s Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety

Kongsberg Digital has signed a contract to deliver an Advanced Navigation Research Simulator (ANRS) to the newly established Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety (CEMS) in Singapore.

Set up as a joint venture between the Singapore Maritime Institute and Singapore Polytechnic with the intention of creating a world-class assessment and research facility, CEMS is one of several centers in Asia that is committed to the digital transformation of the maritime safety domain.

The delivery of KONGSBERG’s ANRS is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, and an official opening will be held during Singapore Maritime Week 2021.

Based on K-Sim Navigation and integrated with the K-Sim VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) simulator, the ANRS creates a holistic solution in support of the CEMS initiative, which aims to enhance safety and efficiency of vessel traffic while safeguarding the environment.

As Singapore’s leading center for maritime safety research and innovation, CEMS conducts research on crew behavior, using artificial intelligence to enhance training and assessment with a goal to contribute toward the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). Other research interests at CEMS include the study of e-navigation and the validation of new designs and operational concepts, including smart and autonomous ships.

CEMS’ research and development efforts to keep Singapore’s port waters safe will become even more critical when the new megaport currently under construction at Tuas is built and ready for operation. The new megaport’s capacity to accommodate more vessels will require new cutting-edge technology and consequent complexity of operations, increasing demand for training to ensure that vessels navigate safely within Singapore port waters.

To this end, the new KONGSBERG ANRS lab delivery will include simulation research and development tools for ship modeling and geographical sailing areas, in addition to its primary systems. These incorporate VTS and remote operation center simulation, a scalable/multi-modal navigation bridge simulator and instructor/assessor/research and development stations. Technologies including eye tracking to assist human-computer interaction will be incorporated into the simulation domain.

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