Green Shipping Corridors: Leveraging Synergies

Over the course of the next decade and beyond, green shipping corridors are expected to act as a catalyst for the global energy transition by providing frameworks for regional and international stakeholders to collaborate on maritime decarbonization goals while aligning with broader regional, national and international decarbonization initiatives. As with all elements of the global energy transition, the number of stakeholders and the available resources can prove challenging. Therefore, route selection must be a data-driven decision, with the goal of large-scale decarbonization and techno-economically feasible implementation. 

ABS’s publication “Green Shipping Corridors: Leveraging Synergies” provides information for making decisions regarding selecting, establishing and utilizing green shipping corridors, including:

  • An overview of the concept of a green shipping corridor
  • Frameworks currently in place
  • Foundational elements needed to establish a corridor, including cross value chain collaboration, fuel availability, port readiness, regulatory and policy support
  • Insights into emissions quantification
  • Announced Green Shipping Corridors

See the publication here.

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