A-frame Fits Both ROV and TMS

Logan Industries, a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, has delivered a custom A-frame to TechnipFMC for one of its new state-of-the-art ROVs that will deploy later this year.

The Logan A-frame is a heavy-weather, work-class ROV launching system,
designed to move some of the largest, work-class ROVs in the market. The
A-frame is designed for the ROV and a tether management system (TMS)
on top, and can handle 17 MT overboard at a 5.3-m overboard reach. It has
enough room to fully separate the ROV and TMS and stage them both on
the A-frame deck, which is fitted with seal-welded drip pans to capture any
effluent fluids and keep them contained. The Logan A-frame can launch and
recover large, work-class ROV-TMS combinations in a wide range of sea

Learn more at: https://loganindustries.net/.

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