2021 MTS Compass Awards

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) has named the winners of the 2021 MTS Compass Awards, which are co-sponsored by Compass Publications Inc., the publisher of Sea Technology

The Compass Distinguished Achievement Award was given to Dr. Daniel Rudnick, director of the Instrument Development Group at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, for outstanding contributions to physical oceanography, his many multidisciplinary collaborations, his dedication to ocean observing, and his astute understanding of stakeholder/community needs. Rudnick, a world leader in glider operations, has led climatology products development through his work with the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System – Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System.

The Compass International Award was given to the Integrated Marine Observing System Australia (IMOS), which operates a wide range of marine technology throughout Australia’s coastal and open oceans, turning observations into open data for the marine and climate science community, decision makers and international collaborators.

The Compass Industrial Award was given to Kongsberg Maritime in honor of its history as part of leading Norwegian industrial powerhouse KONGSBERG, which stretches back over 200 years. Today, more than 18,000 merchant ships, fishing vessels, cruise liners, ferries and superyachts, as well as offshore support and research vessels, offshore
installations and government craft, depend on Kongsberg Maritime technology.

MTS and the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) have also named the joint winners of the 2021 Captain Don Walsh Award for Ocean Exploration: Commander Victor Vescovo (U.S. Navy, retired) and Patrick Lahey for the 2019 Five Deeps Expedition and further dives of scientific or historical interest in subsequent years.

Learn more about MTS Awards here.

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