2020 Pew Marine Fellows Named

Eight scientists and conservationists from Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Kenya and the United States have been named the 2020 recipients of the Pew fellowship in marine conservation.

The program was created to provide grants to the world’s leading scientists and technical experts seeking solutions to the problems affecting the world’s oceans.

These new fellows and their projects will develop the research and tools needed to improve ocean conservation, including improving fisheries management, ensuring sustainable aquaculture, protecting declining shark populations and marine megafauna, and restoring coral reefs.

The three-year, $150,000 fellowships are awarded annually to marine scientists and conservationists around the world.

Asta Audzijonyte, Ph.D. 

Ling Cao, Ph.D.

Eric Gilman, Ph.D.

Arthur Gleason, Ph.D.

Hiroe Ishihara, Ph.D.

Ana M.M. Sequeira, Ph.D.

Andrianus Sembiring, M.S.

Nina Wambiji, Ph.D.


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