2020 Navy Contracting Summit

The 2020 Navy Contracting Summit will take place June 29 to 30, 2020 in
Norfolk, Virginia.

The Defense Department will need even more industry partnerships as the U.S. prepares for and responds to conflict. The Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act has been passed by Congress and signed by the president, providing $738 billion for defense for fiscal year 2020. That means substantial new defense contracting, which will be detailed at the 2020 Navy Contracting Summit. 

The new Navy budget includes: $23.5 billion for shipbuilding and conversion; $4 billion for weapons procurement; $19.6 billion for research, development, test and evaluation; $49.9 billion for operations and maintenance; and $2.7 billion for construction.

In its seventh year, the summit brings together members of Congress, Pentagon officials, naval base commanders, contracting officers, contracting experts and business leaders nationwide. 

 You can view video highlights from last year’s summit at: Navy Contracting Summit 2019 – Summit Highlights.

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