Yara Marine Acquires Lean Marine

Yara Marine Technologies, specializing in emissions reduction technologies in the maritime industry, has acquired Lean Marine, a company at the cutting edge of automated fuel saving, performance management and reporting solutions for vessels.

Lean Marine’s intelligent software and hardware solutions have already been installed on more than 200 vessels worldwide. Lean Marine offers a unique combination of direct, real-time fuel optimization and data analysis over time. This improves operational efficiency, with potential fuel consumption and CO2 emission savings of up to 25 percent. Lean Marine’s FuelOpt system optimizes a vessel’s propulsion line in real time based on commands from the bridge, enabling automated control of vessel speed and fuel consumption, and avoiding fuel overconsumption.

Lean Marine will continue to offer FuelOpt and Fleet Analytics as part of Yara Marine’s portfolio of green technologies for the maritime industry, and these offerings will be backed by Yara Marine’s global service and support infrastructure.

Stricter emissions regulations are on the horizon. The International Maritime Organization aims for a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, which leaves the shipping industry under growing pressure to implement technologies that facilitate significant emissions reductions.

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