WOC Seabed 2030 Online Seabed Data Workshop

The Seabed 2030 project aims to create a complete map of the global ocean floor by 2030, using equipment commonly available on marine vessels.

As a core partner of Seabed 2030, the World Ocean Council (WOC) is hosting workshops about the project, which aligns with the WOC’s SMART Ocean-SMART Industries (SO-SI) program.

SO-SI’s mission is to ensure industry data collection and sharing is coordinated, efficient, and available to public agencies and the scientific community, in support of a safe and sustainable maritime industry.

The WOC Seabed 2030 Online Seabed Data Workshop will take place virtually on December 8. It will include discussions with shipping technology and data experts, detailed readiness assessments for each interested carrier, and case studies from current participants.

This webinar is by invitation only. You can register your interest here.

See workshop details here.


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