V-PILOT Control System for USVs

Reygar has launched V-PILOT, an integrated autopilot and mission planning system for USVs. The system uses an embedded vessel controller and a shore-side user interface to connect to existing GPS, thrusters, steering and associated command systems. V-PILOT can be used for small and large unmanned vessels for both inshore and coastal survey and inspection operations. The system has flexible survey payload interface capabilities.

Applications include the siting and construction of offshore wind farms and associated seabed infrastructure that requires accurate mapping of wide areas of the ocean floor. Analysis by WindEurope shows that offshore wind projects are being constructed further out to sea, and 60 percent of the emerging U.S. offshore wind industry’s suitable sites have a water depth of more than 200 ft. USVs can help energy project owners and vessel operators keep costs down while achieving high data collection standards.

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