Report: The Latest Trends in LNG Fueling

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has launched a new research report titled “The Flexibility Factor: Energy Transfer Insights, which reveals the latest trends in LNG fueling.

The growing global climate crisis is necessitating the search for cleaner energy choices. The changing market dynamics are driving evolution and growth within a number of subsegments, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling. Accelerating LNG fueling to meet sustainability demands requires LNG infrastructures that can cope with the demand to berth more LNG-powered vessels safely and efficiently.

“This shift in market dynamics–combined with unprecedented levels of ship and bunker vessel building–brings a need for operational flexibility,” Richard Hepworth, president of Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation, said. “However, LNG operators must also be able to adapt to a variety of business models and operations–safely, effectively and reliably across multiple jurisdictions. Our new research report reveals how to do this while responding to existing and emerging opportunities in the LNG value chain. It is crucial that operators have LNG solutions that provide operational flexibility, compatibility and reliability in today’s changing world.”

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