‘They Sat It Can’t Be Done’: Environmental Documentary Features Entrepreneurs

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, has released Just Add Firewater LLC’s award-winning documentary “They Say It Can’t Be Done,” which follows four entrepreneurial companies as they tackle humanity’s biggest threats. The film will be featured on cable and internet video-on-demand platforms.

“Human innovation can solve our most pressing social and environmental issues–but only if we let it,” said Patrick Reasonover, a co-producer of the film. “Our film asks a simple question: Why are innovators with real, practical solutions to global crises blocked from bringing them to market by well-intentioned, but outdated, government rules?”

The documentary includes coverage of ocean sustainability and climate change. It features open-ocean aquaculture facilities like California’s Catalina Sea Ranch that clean the ocean while producing sustainable superfoods, as well as Arizona State University scientist Klaus Lackner’s work on a synthetic tree that removes atmospheric carbon a 1,000 times the rate of a natural tree.

To find out where you can watch the film, click here

Watch the trailer here.

For more information, visit: TheySayItCantBeDone.com.

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