TCarta Global Sat-Derived Bathymetry

TCarta Marine, a global provider of hydrospatial solutions, has introduced a global satellite-derived bathymetry (G-SDB) product line developed with a new seafloor depth measurement technique that leverages machine learning and NASA ICESat-2 laser data. The first G-SDB offering covers the entire Red Sea–available now–with additional data sets to be rolled out through the end of this year.

The commercial TCarta G-SDB data sets and the state-of-the-art seafloor measurement workflow that produces them were made possible through a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).

G-SDB data sets contain bathymetric measurements to depths of more than 30 m, depending on water clarity, at 10-m resolution. The depth values for every 10-m pixel are the combined result of numerous measurements, resulting in accuracy within 10 percent of depth or less, and providing a seamless water bottom surface map.

G-SDB will be available globally for all oceans and seas, as well as large freshwater lakes where water conditions permit.

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