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Onboard Microgrid to Help Smaller Vessels Optimize Fuel Efficiency

The Onboard Microgrid is based on the principles of ABB’s award-winning power distribution system Onboard DC Grid™ with the proven ability to enable up to 20% energy efficiency in larger vessels. This new compact-size solution can be used for vessels running on batteries, fuel cells, or as fuel cell/battery hybrids. Onboard Microgrid allows for the flexibility to draw on multiple

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Merchant Marine Medals Awarded to Crew for Service During Hurricane

Officers and crewmembers of the SS Wright, a U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) ready reserve force (RRF) ship, were recently honored with Merchant Marine Medals for Outstanding Achievement for their duties in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The medals were awarded by Jeff McMahon, MARAD ship operations and maintenance officer (SOMO) for Atlantic operations, while the vessel was recently in port in

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