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USCG is Testing Eco-Friendly Moorings for Navigational Buoys

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) uses navigational buoys to direct water traffic and to protect vulnerable benthic ecosystems such as seagrass communities and coral reefs in U.S. waters. However, most buoys are currently attached to the seafloor by concrete anchors, also called sinkers, and heavy metal chains that can have just as significant an impact on marine life themselves.

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Seagrass Removes Pathogens from Seawater

A new study found that seagrass meadows can remove pathogens from seawater. Researchers studied small islands without wastewater treatment facilities in central Indonesia and found that levels of potentially pathogenic marine bacteria that affect humans, fish and invertebrates were reduced by 50 percent when seagrass meadows were present compared to paired sites without seagrass. Photo Credit: NOAA

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