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Global Fishing Watch Uses Satellite Technology to Monitor “Dark” Illegal Fishing

Oceans Deeply highlights new technology used by Global Fishing Watch to augment its data on vessels worldwide, which is used to monitor and prevent illegal fishing. The Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), allows a NOAA satellite to see ships in the dark by its ability to detect navigation lights. Global Fishing Watch may also include radar tools to detect

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Government Subsidies Contribute to Unprofitable High Seas Fishing

A study published in Science Advances examines the practice of government subsidies for high seas fishing—that which is conducted outside jurisdictional waters—and finds that it is often not profitable as well as being destructive to ocean health. According to National Geographic’s analysis of the issue, such unprofitable or “marginally profitable” fishing represents only a small portion of global fishing activity,

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Where Blue Sharks Cross Paths with Commercial Fishing, Ecological Problems Lurk

Ten blue sharks were tagged in June 2016 off the East Coast of the U.S., and satellites then collected information about them for 110 days. Working with shark researchers Dr. Neil Hammerschlag (University of Miami) and Dr. Austin Gallagher (Beneath the Waves), the shark tracks have been added to a custom workspace in Global Fishing Watch in an interactive map that

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