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Corpus Christi Ship Channel will be Deeper by 2020

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation received a $93 million contract award for the Corpus Christi Ship Channel Improvement Project. Dredging to deepen the entrance channel will commence during the second quarter of 2019, with completion expected in early 2020. The overall ship channel deepening effort will comprise multiple phases over the next five years. The total estimated contract value of

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Dead Gulf Coast Reef Reveals Bursts of Ancient Sea-Level Rise

Researchers at Rice University’s Earth, Environment and Planetary Sciences department traveled 50 miles offshore Corpus Christi to document a particularly strange shape occurring in dead coral reef. In the ten reefs they imaged, each had a stairstep morphology, a shape which led them to discover that sea level rise at the end of the last period of glaciation was not

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