Sustainable Design Requires Careful Assessment

By Trevor Small

Requirements for hydrodynamic efficiency, Energy Efficiency Existing Ship (EEXI) compliance analysis, energy storage, shore charging, fuel cells and alternative fuels suggest something like a perfect storm of demand for ship sustainability experts.

Raised social awareness of environmental issues in Canada, in particular, reflects directly in the growing demand for ships designed and built first and foremost for sustainability.

The adoption of more eco-friendly solutions is gathering pace but, whether that is encouraged by regulation, public expectation or even financial incentive, ultimately, the technology must also be fit for purpose.

Foreship is a consultancy involved in several projects along the west coast of Canada and the U.S. to evaluate different sustainable ship power solutions, including biofuels, batteries and shore connections. One solution even covers a full appraisal of options for an owner working with a regional shipyard.

However “inevitable” it may be, the adoption of more sustainable design and engineering solutions for ships must involve careful assessment.

Some will first have to overcome their hesitancy to deploy unfamiliar technologies. The key to this involves learning the cost-to-benefit ratio of different solutions, but also understanding how, why and when their deployment fits with regulatory obligations.

The North American shipping market has often been a front runner in the development of sustainable technologies, but it has rarely led the way in their implementation. This trend is now changing, which means that part of Foreship’s focus is to assist marine sustainable technology companies with the fine details of marinizing their solutions for different vessel segments while also complying with classification requirements.

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Trevor Small is the manager of Global Sustainable Technologies at Foreships Seattle office. Small is at the heart of Foreship’s growth plans for Canada and the United States. This naval architecture and marine engineering company balances client needs to stay well ahead on compliance and secure ROI.

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