Maritime Exhibition: Homeport Stavanger

In the harbor of the Norwegian town of Stavanger, the new permanent exhibition “Homeport Stavanger,” designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, has opened to the public. It is located in the historical storehouses to which merchant vessels delivered their goods directly, right up until the end of the 20th century. Since 1988, the Stavanger Maritime Museum has been housed here, an ideal place for everything to do with the history of shipping, shipbuilding and trade.

ATELIER BRÜCKNER designed the exhibition as a two-part presentation, whose structure and design refer to the architectural substance of the buildings. The exhibition asks: What is a harbor, and who is a harbor?

A media table at the center of the room provides an overview of the historical periods. Maps, photographs and documents, sorted by theme and category, can be digitally controlled. They are also projected onto the wall.

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