Start-Ups Chosen for Washington Maritime Accelerator 2021

Washington Maritime Blue and the Port of Seattle have chosen 11 companies to participate in a highly competitive, impact-focused maritime accelerator that will launch in January 2021:

Allosense Inc.
Allosense provides “always connected” asset trackers using cellular, satellite and mesh technologies to reduce logistic inefficiencies.

Canscan Tech
Canscan has developed a system based on artificial intelligence, machine vision and data analytics that uses existing cameras and infrastructure to automatically inspect containers transiting into or through a terminal.

Future Sight AR
Future Sight AR is using augmented reality to disrupt the way engineering and construction companies build the infrastructure we rely on everyday.

Lockstep AI
Lockstep incentivizes good supply-chain behavior by providing low-cost supply chain financing for businesses that make sustainable inventory and transportation decisions.

Marine Construction Technologies
Marine Construction Technologies’ self-attenuating pile system simplifies and expedites marine construction while also reducing environmental impacts.

Mariner Credential Service
Mariner Credential Service helps professional mariners and active-duty service members navigate the complex credentialing process.

provides marine logistics companies with branded sales suites that handle marketing, booking, tracking and management to allow them to better connect with customers digitally.

Pacific Mobility
Pacific Mobility Group seeks to make transformative technologies more accessible to all mobility users and facilitate meaningful adoption and normalization throughout the industry and greater community.

Puget Buoy 
Puget Buoy is developing and testing a new generation of alternative fishing gear that will reduce waste and prevent disruption to migrating whale populations that will benefit the seafood industry.

Silverback Marine
Silverback Marine is focused on designing and building boats that are primarily intended for research, recovery and cleanup operations, as well as commercial-fishing support vessels.

Virgil Software
Virgil Software is building a first-of-its-kind service to instantly verify that seafood was legally sourced and meets current regulatory traceability requirements (where applicable); this capability will save industry millions in audit fees, minimize risk of penalties and demonstrate a commitment to responsible sourcing.

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