Sonardyne Sensors for Ocean Infinity’s New Armada Fleet

Sonardyne technology has been selected to support the world’s largest and most environmentally sustainable fleet of ocean-going, multi-role robotic vessels, which is being launched by marine robotics company Ocean Infinity.

Sonardyne systems will provide part of Ocean Infinity’s new Armada fleet with key sensor technologies for underwater platform navigation, tracking, control and communications, as well as ensuring uninterrupted surface navigation, even when global navigation satellite system (GNSS) services are degraded or denied.

The Armada fleet will mark a major technological advance, providing sustainable services to all corners of industry from offshore energy to logistics and transport. The innovative, low-emission robotic fleet that can be launched from any shoreline in the world was unveiled in February 2020 and will initially see 17 bespoke state-of-the-art uncrewed vessels added to Ocean Infinity’s existing robotics fleet.

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