New Hope Spot Champion of Sargasso Sea

What is now the Sargasso Sea Commission began in 2009 as an initiative to protect the iconic North Atlantic high-seas ecosystem. This was a challenge, as the only way the Sargasso Sea could be protected was to push complex international agreements for ocean conservation, often not designed with high-seas systems in mind, to their limits.

The Sargasso Sea was first named a Mission Blue Hope Spot in 2011 and is now recognized with the the Sargasso Sea Commission as its Hope Spot Champion.

Mission Blue’s Hope Spots are special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean. Hope Spots are championed by local conservationists, whom Mission Blue supports with communications, expeditions and scientific advisory.

The new Sargasso Sea Hope Spot Champion’s next step is to conduct an ecosystem diagnostic analysis utilizing two major grants to inform the development of a long-term conservation strategy–the first of its kind.

Watch a video of the new Hope Spot here.

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