Books: Reinventing the Energy Value Chain

“Reinventing the Energy Value Chain: Supply Chain Roadmaps for Digital Oilfields through Hydrogen Fuel Cells” is a new book featuring a toolbox of techniques to enhance top-line and bottom-line results by successfully optimizing capital projects and operations and maintenance trade-offs across the value chain.

It starts with a conceptual framework for value chain and supply chain management in the energy sector, laying out objectives, key business processes, and performance metrics that provide useful guideposts.

Offering principles that should guide investments in the energy industry, it explains how to organize the supply chain to maximize results.

Chapters on capital project and operations management explain tools and techniques that are relevant to energy value chains, broadly speaking.

“Reinventing the Energy Value Chain” offers groundbreaking new ways to tap the power of supply chain management in conventional and emerging energy industries.

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