NOIA Safety in Seas Awards Winners

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) has announced that Halliburton and Oil States International are the winners of the 2023 NOIA Safety in Seas Awards competition. Halliburton is the 2023 NOIA Safety in Seas Safety Practice Award winner, and Oil States is the 2023 NOIA Safety in Seas Culture of Safety Award winner.

The Safety Practice Award recognizes specific technologies, approaches, methods, or projects with direct and demonstrable impacts on improving safety. The Culture of Safety Award honors overall organizational immersion in and commitment to safety, which has resulted in remarkable, measurable and sustained safety performance over a prolonged period of time.

Halliburton is recognized for its Risk Management and 5 Checks to Go programs, which are part of Halliburton’s “Journey to ZERO” vision of achieving zero safety incidents, zero environmental incidents and zero nonproductive time. Using a digital delivery platform and the 5 Checks to Go program to standardize safety processes, Halliburton reduced its HSE lost-time injury rate from the previous year and improved service quality, achieving a historical best nonproductive time performance. Halliburton has shared its Risk Management and 5 Checks to Go programs with other companies during several energy industry forums.

Oil States is recognized for its overlapping suite of processes designed to improve safety performance across the company’s global operations. These processes include: executive commitment and monitoring; clear communication of vision; development and implementation of structured management systems (including training, surveillance, reporting and analytical safety tools); and the consistently applied commitment of each employee to protect themselves and others. Since 2013, Oil States has achieved dramatic reductions in the number of injuries and lost-time events across its workforce.

The Safety in Seas Awards are sponsored by Compass Publications, the publisher of Sea Technology.

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