New Lab to Stress-Test Cyber Threats to Shipping

ABB Marine & Ports’ cybersecurity laboratory has opened at a key moment in shipping’s digital development as stricter maritime cybersecurity rules enter force on January 1, 2021.

In line with the guidelines set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the new laboratory features hardware and software systems developed to help shipowners and operators combat the maritime industry’s growing cybersecurity risks. Customers are now being invited for virtual demonstrations of the laboratory’s systems and capabilities.

New services offered by the ABB Marine & Ports cybersecurity lab include:

  • Reference architecture that targets network segmentation and segregation.
  • Enforcing security policies to zones and conduits.
  • Ability to monitor network traffic and act on vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to collect and manage security logs for the control system components.
  • ABB Ability Cyber Asset Inventory solution, which discovers and records system inventory, as well as notifies about vulnerabilities.
  • Event monitoring, which enables sending alerts to crew members as well as ABB Ability Collaborative Operations Centers worldwide.

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