McLane Founder Dr. Susumu Honjo Passes

McLane Research Labs’ founder, Dr. Susumu “Sus” Honjo, died peacefully at home on December 23, 2020, surrounded by his family. His pioneering work as a scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) contributed to the understanding and observations of marine particle compositions and fluxes and of the oceanic biological pump. Honjo was a 2019 recipient of the first ever WHOI Distinguished Emeritus Award for his lifetime achievements. 
Along with his pioneering research in biogeochemical particle flux studies, Honjo also led the development of several notable oceanographic instruments over four decades, including the sediment trap, moored profiler and ice-tethered Arctic environmental buoys. 
In 1983, McLane Research Laboratories Inc. in Falmouth, Massachusetts, was founded to make his instruments commercially available to the global scientific community. Hundreds of the instruments he developed have been deployed in every ocean of the world and remain a significant tool for biological pump studies today. The company continues to thrive, and, in 2017, McLane was awarded Massachusetts SBA Exporter of the Year. 
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