Report: Offshore Aquaculture: A Market for Ocean Renewable Energy

The new study “Offshore Aquaculture: a Market for Ocean Renewable Energy,” published by IEA-OES, helps to provide a picture of the energy requirements worldwide for the aquaculture sector.

The report reviews ocean renewable energy technologies and their application for offshore aquaculture; provides information on energy demands from aquaculture operations around the world; and highlights 12 case studies and lessons learned, exploring marine-based aquaculture projects that have used ocean energy, solar photovoltaic, offshore wind technologies or hybrid solutions to meet the energy demands of aquaculture.

The report also discusses the opportunities and challenges for co-locating ocean renewable energy and offshore aquaculture in relation to technical and operational processes, regulatory processes (including environmental effects and social acceptance), and economic impact.

Recommendations for advancing industry are offered.

See the report here.


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