Challenging Geotechnical Investigation for Wind Farm Offshore Japan

Geoquip Marine has successfully completed a highly challenging offshore wind farm geotechnical investigation in harsh environmental conditions for INFLUX OFFSHORE WIND POWER HD at Karatsu, off the coast of Japan.

Geoquip and strategic partner Fukada operated the Poseidon 1 for the project, a DP2 vessel with a twin-tower derrick permanently installed over a central moonpool.

Poseidon 1 and Geoquip Marine’s GMTR150 drilling package includes sampling, CPT testing and wireline coring equipment spreads.

The presence of rock below mudline made standard push sampling and CPT testing techniques impractical to complete the boreholes. As a result, Geoquip Marine chose to utilize a wireline core barrel to recover rock cores and progress boreholes.

Geoquip was able to perform coring in rock utilizing the standard API drill string because the Geoquip system enables the use of wireline core barrels without the need to recover the drill string.

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