Drive Train for Singapore Hybrid Vessel

Danfoss Editron has been chosen by Sea Forrest Power Solutions Pte Ltd. (SFP), the integration engineering arm of BH Global Corporation Ltd., to provide the drive train system powering Singapore’s first plug-in parallel hybrid-electric fast-launch vessel.

SFP aims to be a leading player in the Singapore maritime industry’s drive toward decarbonization. The company plans to achieve this by offering sustainable solutions and expertise, focusing on research and development, and collaborating with homegrown Singaporean companies.

The design, development, construction and delivery of the vessel involved aluminum boat builder Penguin International Ltd., who built and owns the vessel, battery manufacturer Durapower Technology and marine class society Bureau Veritas. The vessel will support Singapore’s push for greater adoption of hybrid-electric propulsion systems in its maritime industry. The scope of the project included the design, integration, testing and certification of the vessel’s hybrid-electric systems and technology.

The 15-m vessel will be used to transport personnel to and from Pulau Bukom integrated oil and petrochemicals refinery, with a capacity of 12 passengers and two crew members. When operating in hybrid mode, the vessel will be able to travel nonstop for 24 hr. at 5 to 20 kt. It will also be capable of operating in full-electric mode at 7 kt. for approximately 20 to 25 min. Depending on the method of operation, the vessel is expected to save 10 to 20 percent in emissions compared to a similar traditional diesel vessel, or the equivalent of 90 to 180 tons annually.

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