Finalists Chosen for Conservation X Labs Microfiber Innovation Challenge

Twelve innovative solutions for addressing plastic microfiber pollution have been selected as finalists with a chance of winning a share of $650,000 as part of the Conservation X Labs (CXL) Microfiber Innovation Challenge. 

Conservation X Labs has partnered with 30 other organizations to support the challenge, which is seeking solutions to halt microfiber pollution, an increasing threat to human and planetary health. 

Millions of tiny fibers shed when we wear and wash our clothing, and these contribute to an estimated 35 percent of the primary microplastics released into the oceans and waterways, according to a 2017 report by IUCN. Stopping microfiber pollution requires a significant transformation in textile and clothing production processes. 

To learn more about the selected finalists, go to:

The winners of the prize will be unveiled at an event in early 2022 as part of a Solutions Fair and Awards Ceremony. Stay updated by subscribing to the CXL newsletter at:

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