BOEM Completes Environmental Assessment of New York Bight

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has completed its environmental review of potential impacts from offshore wind energy leasing activities in the New York Bight, a portion of the Atlantic Ocean located offshore New York and New Jersey. 

The final environmental assessment (EA) assesses potential impacts from the issuance of leases within nearly 800,000 acres of wind energy areas in the New York Bight. Based on the EA, BOEM has issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI).  

The EA considers potential environmental consequences of site characterization activities (i.e., biological, archeological, geological, and geophysical surveys and core samples) and site assessment activities (i.e., installation of meteorological buoys). The EA also considers project easements associated with each potential lease and related right-of-way grants for subsea cable corridors in the New York Bight.

Should a lease sale advance, and before approving the construction of any offshore wind energy facility in the New York Bight wind energy areas, BOEM will develop an environmental impact statement to analyze the specific environmental consequences, in consultation with tribes and appropriate federal, state and local agencies, and with participation by stakeholders and the public.

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