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New US Estuarine Research Reserve in Long Island Sound

NOAA and the state of Connecticut have designated a new national estuarine research reserve in Long Island Sound. Research reserves are designated to protect a section of an estuary and provide a living laboratory to explore and understand important areas where rivers meet the sea, thus promoting understanding and informed management of coastal habitats. The Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve spans 52,160 acres in the southeastern part of the Constitution State. It is the 30th reserve in the national estuarine research reserve system, and the first in the state.

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Report, Open Letter Make Case for Policy Makers to Focus on Blue Carbon

The carbon stored in ocean ecosystems, such as mangroves and seagrasses, can help protect from runaway global heating, yet is being largely ignored by policymakers, a new report from the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) says. The report is backed by an open letter signed by over 7,000 marine and climate scientists, human rights experts, public figures and others, that was

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New Book: Design of Coastal Hazard Mitigation Alternatives for Rising Seas

Design of Coastal Hazard Mitigation Alternatives for Rising Seas

“Design of Coastal Hazard Mitigation Alternatives for Rising Seas”  is a new book by David Basco (dbasco@odu.edu) about how to design alternatives to reduce coastal flood and wave damage, erosion and loss of ecosystems facing an unknown future of sea level rise. The latest theories are interlaced with applied examples from the author’s 48 years of experience in teaching, research

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