Third-Gen Mini Inertial Sensors

SBG Systems has released the third generation of its popular line of miniature inertial sensors called the Ellipse Series. This renewed product line benefits from a 64-bit architecture allowing high-precision signal processing. All the INS/GNSS now embed a dual-frequency, quad-constellation GNSS receiver for centimetric position and higher orientation accuracy.

The product line comprises four models: the Ellipse-A  is a motion sensor; the Ellipse-E provides navigation with an external GNSS receiver; the Ellipse-N is a single-antenna RTK GNSS/INS; and the Ellipse-D is a dual-antenna RTK GNSS/INS.

All Ellipse miniature INS are now RTK-enabled without extra cost and output raw data for post-processing. All these features are made possible in the small and robust aluminum enclosure box version and in the 17-gram OEM version.

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