Technical Papers

In addition to scientific and engineering articles in our print edition, Sea Technology publishes research articles online in this additional, electronic-only Technical Papers section. Articles in this section represent cutting-edge scholarship and research in fields related to marine technology development and ocean sciences, engineering and design.

Numerical Modeling of an Offshore Small Floating Platform with Flexible Connections
Marine resources, rights and interests have garnered a great deal of attention within the scientific community; an array of different
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A Multi-Channel Chemical Sensor for Precision Measurement at 4,000 m Depths
Seawater contains various chemical elements that are significant in scientific research. These elements are affected by diverse chemical transport mechanisms
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Development of a Modular and High Maneuverability Micro AUV
With the increasing demand for marine resources, applications of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are becoming more and more extensive. AUVs
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Self-Stabilization Control Mechanism For a Small ROV
Small ROVs have high practical value and low prices. However, insufficient power and the smaller mass of small ROVs often
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