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170 Tons of Plastic Removed from Pacific

Ocean Voyages Institute

Ocean Voyages Institute’s marine plastic recovery vessel, SV Kwai,  docked in Honolulu after 35 days at sea, successfully concluding the second and final haul of the nonprofit group’s 2020 open-ocean recovery mission, adding 67 tons to the record-setting 103 tons (206,000 lb.) removed in June, which became the largest open-ocean cleanup in history. The nonprofit group’s total for the summer season now

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Largest Open-Ocean Cleanup

marine plastic recovery vessel SV Kwai

Ocean Voyages Institute’s marine plastic recovery vessel, SV Kwai,  docked at the port of Honolulu in June, after a 48-day expedition, successfully removing 103 tons (206,000 lb.) of fishing nets and consumer plastics from the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone, more commonly known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or Gyre. Establishing its lead in open-ocean cleanup, Ocean Voyages Institute has set a

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Polysulfide Cubes as Sponges for Oil Spill Cleanup

absorbent polysulfide for oil spills

A collaboration between Flinders University and Clean Earth Technologies will result in a manufacturing facility in South Australia to produce commercial quantities of the absorbent polysulfide, The Lead South Australia reported. The sponge-like polymer was developed by an international team headed by Flinders University Associate Professor Justin Chalker and can be made of waste cooking oil from fast-food outlets and sulphur, a byproduct of

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