Product Development 2018


2017: NOV | DEC


Offshore Wind Excavation Tools

The T4000 ULD offers shallow-water excavation with a stable CFE system and single outlet. SP6000 ULD is a small, lightweight excavator. The expanded-range tools operate from 1 to 300 m in soils ranging from soft sand to clays, with shear strength of 300 kPa. James Fisher Subsea Excavation.

Vessel Surveillance System

The iSea-25HD is a gyro-stabilized surveillance system that uses a thermal imaging camera with a 3-5µ IR detector with a continuous zoom lens, a high sensitivity color day camera and an Eyesafe laser range finder. CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.

Ultrahigh-Output LED Lights

The Dragonfish line offers three new 6,000-m units, including: Dragonfish II, a 30,000-lm dual-channel continuous dimmable torch; Fusion-4, a 120,000-lm strobe with a 2-Hz repetition rate; and Fusion 6, a 180,000-lm strobe. Also available is the Hammerhead pan and tilt. Arctic Rays LLC.

LiDAR and Bathymetry Processing

Bathy DataBASE 5.2 introduces enhanced tools for validating and creating chart features from LiDAR surveys, as well as new bathymetry compilation techniques, an updated workflow process in BASE Editor and two new surface smoothing techniques. Teledyne CARIS.

Expanded Software, Support

Along with SonarWiz 7.3, a new support platform called JIRA Service Desk (JSD) has been released that allows integration of bug fix and enhancement requests, speeds up testing and allows self-help and tracking of issues via a customer portal. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Advanced Magnetometer

The MagArrow weighs 1 kg, has altitude-stable surveys and an increased sample rate with GPS timing. It is UAV deployable for data collection in nearshore or marshy environments. Geometrics Inc.

Portable UUV

Bluefin-9 has a high-performance Doppler velocity log and inertial navigation system, multi-aperture side scan sonar, and a mission endurance of 8 hr. at 3 kt., with a top speed of 6 kt. General Dynamics Mission Systems.

Hybrid Underwater Lights

Sola lights have high CRI/TLCI ratings from a chip-on-board 5600-k LED array and flicker-free firmware. The Video Pro 3800 is optimized for wide-angle capture, with a dome port optic that provides a 110° beam angle. The ultracompact Stella 1000/2500UW provides 2,500 lumens. Light & Motion Industries.

Ship-to-Ship Oil Transfer Hose

Kleline STS oil transfer solution allows ship-to-ship oil transfer and consists of two carcasses made of steel cables to withstand kinks or crushing. It features a nippleless design with no metal connector between sections, a continuous inner liner and an integrated gasket. Trelleborg Group.

Dynamic Network Security

The DxOdyssey network security software is designed for hybrid and multi-cloud networking needs. It uses a softwaredefined perimeter to protect connectivity between onpremises sites and multi-cloud environments. DH2i Co.

Hi-Res Industrial Controllers

The eX700G series combines high-performance sunlight-readable displays with state-of-the-art connectivity for industrial controllers used in extreme environments such as marine and process industries. Controllers have a 7-in. widescreen display, 800480 resolution and run JMobile software. Exor International S.p.A.

Sensor Transmitter Tag

The V7TP-180 kHz measures temperature/depth at 180 kHz and can investigate the behavior of small fish; precisely measure 2D, 3D position; and monitor movements of non-native fish to understand their ecosystem impact. VEMCO.

Communications Technologies

Agile Marine Solutions is a line of ruggedized, long-range, multi-SIM card, smart routing communications technologies to resolve issues related to congested marine Wi-Fi, spotty cellular connections or no connections offshore. Agile Interoperable Solutions.

Compact Ku-Band VSAT Antenna

TracPhone V3-HTS is 37 cm in diameter and weighs 11 kg, smaller than any Ku-band satellite communications antenna. It is designed to provide data speeds of 5 Mbps for downloading and 2 Mbps for uploading. KVH Industries Inc.

Remote-Sensing Wind Profilers

Lightweight sodar (sonic detection and ranging) meteorological instruments can be used to make point measurements along a forecasted wind energy site. Their unique software allows a precision of 0.25 m/s and 3° for wind speeds greater than 4 m/s. Remtech Inc.

Enhanced Lithium-Ion Batteries

LIBRT lithium-ion batteries use electrochemistry and electronics that were specifically selected to work in an embedded system that maintains security during onboard fitting in a submarine. The result is an optimized immersion period and reloading time for subs. Naval Group.

Foul-Release Coating for Lights

Adapted from the Propspeed foul-release system for propellers and running gear, Lightspeed is a transparent foul-release coating specifically formulated for underwater lights. It will be distributed in the U.S. by West Marine and Land ‘N’ Sea. Oceanmax.

Emissions Reporting Software

ClassNK MRV Portal is a software service to report, monitor and verifiy shipping CO2 emissions in line with the IMO DCS regulations coming into effect in 2019. It includes onboard data sending, an onshore data management system and annual fuel consumption report submission. ClassNK.

ROV for Law Enforcement

Phantom T5 Defender is an inspection-class ROV with a high thrust-to-dry-weight ratio, an HD camera and fiber-optic tether for rapid communication, and open architecture for integration of a variety of sensors. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

Container Strength Assessment

The latest SeaTrust-LS software incorporates new guidance for container stowage and lashing based on ship motion analysis, including nonlinear analysis to calculate accurate external lashing forces and computational fluid dynamics. Korean Register.



Miniature ROVs

Mini ROVs have a high maneuverability and power-to-weight ratio, allowing them to carry small tools and manipulators for operating effectively in strong currents. For performing subsea operations in challenging environments, they can be deployed from any platform, FPSO, barge or vessel of opportunity and transported to site via helicopter or airline carrier. i-Tech Services.

Biocide-Free Anti-Fouling Coating

The biocide-free, low-friction self-polishing copolymer (SPC) anti-fouling technology, Aquaterras, uses neither biocide materials nor silicone. Its anti-fouling mechanism is based around anti-thrombogenic polymers used in the medical sector. It exposes active micro-domain structures to seawater for long-term performance. Nippon Paint Marine.

Replacement Pumps & Impellers

Replacement engine cooling pumps and flexible impellers are available for 41 of the Northern Lights 4.5- to 32-kW generator sets. Direct replacements for OEM pump models 25-11202, 25-12007, 25-12057 and 25-15405 are available. JMP Marine LLC.

Portable Vibration Calibrator

Model 699A07, a compact, battery-powered vibration reference source, can be used to calibrate sensors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a machinery protection system. It calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity in real time. IMI Sensors.

Towed Profiling System

The Hammerhead accommodates third-party instruments, including side scan sonar, SV units, CTDs and multiparameter sensors. It allows data collection from a single depth or performs an undulating profile between two set depths. Data can be read in real-time output on the touchscreen topside control box or into an independent software. Ocean Scientific International Ltd.

Autonomous Vessel Technologies

SM300 integrates with vessel systems to manage missions through pilot-by-wire propulsion and steering control, condition monitoring of hull and machinery and remote payload control. The SM200 provides remote vessel control. Sea Machines Robotics Inc.

Compatible Cylinder Lubricants

Taro Ultra lubricants are compatible with almost all engines, marine bunker fuels and abatement technologies and are compatible with low-sulphur fuel, distillates and many alternative fuels. They work in applications using high-sulphur bunker fuels that require scrubber emission abatement technology. Chevron Marine Lubricants.

Data Handling on the Cloud

Mapping Cloud provides storage of data within the cloud for uploading and distributing real-time data. It enables existing PC applications to run in a virtual machine environment and allows users to manage data processing, archiving and sharing through web browsers. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Extended-Range DVL Tracking

A proprietary extended-range tracking (XRT) option is capable of extending the bottom tracking range of its Pathfinder and Pioneer Doppler velocity logs (DVL) by 60%. It is included with new DVLs or as a firmware upgrade. Teledyne RD Instruments.

Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System

The pop-up buoy recovery system (PUB) for the EdgeTech PORT LF SD acoustic release allows retrieval of seabed packages such as anchors, anchor lines and bottom-mounted frames and instruments. It is made from solid syntactic foam with a polyurethane elastomer coating. Deep Water Buoyancy Inc.

Qimera Software Update

Qimera version 1.7.2 now available for download rectifies a bug that affects the unloading of edits to certain processed points file formats. The bug affects files that require file offset values to unload, most notably FAU and LAS, and causes the first 500 footprints not to be unloaded. QPS BV.

Holographic Lighthouse

The Hololightkeeper is a concept for a modern lighthouse that uses holographic technology to project an 82-ft. lighthouse in the sea. The concept includes living space inside the lighthouse and a projection lens on the side of the building. Studio NAB.

Two-Way Satellite Messenger

The SPOT X messaging device combines emergency notification technology with text messaging functionality, regardless of cellular network availability, using satellite messaging. It has 10 days’ battery life, connection to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center and programmable waypoints. Globalstar.

Mooring Analysis Tool

SHIPMOOR is an internet-based application that facilitates mooring analysis, matching data on LNG vessels and terminals to support ship-to-shore compatibility assessments. HR Wallingford.

Next-Gen Survey System

The SuperSting Marine Resistivity System has applications in dredging, time-lapse studies, dam/levee diagnostics, subsurface pollution location and marine construction and includes resistivity, track correction and route optimization tools. Advanced Geosciences Inc.

Motion-Compensated Gangway

The Safeway Albatross for shipping lines and operators has a lift integrated in the mast of the installation that can be extended to the below-deck storage hold of a platform supply vessel. Its 30-m boom can be rotated 360°. Safeway BV.

Marine Navigation App

The TZ iBoat iOS app offers coastal satellite imaging to fuse charts with the coastline. It displays the position on vector or raster charts, while displaying incoming boats via radar and AIS. TIMEZERO.

Improved Dual-Antenna RTK INS

The Ellipse2-D inertial navigation system has an integrated RTK GNSS receiver. It provides roll, pitch, heading, heave, velocity and position in real time. The new version has lower power, full constellations and raw data for post-processing. SBG Systems SAS.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Portasonic 2.FL0 uses two transducers as ultrasonic transmitters and receivers and offers three modes of operation for transducer positioning. It has digital set up, +/-1% accuracy and no moving parts. Coltraco Ultrasonics.

Inertial Measurement Unit

Designed for stabilization, flight control and complex motion, the LandMark 60 IMU has low-noise gyros, low-noise accelerometers and up to 6-kHz data rate with external sync. Gladiator Technologies.



Wireless Drone Power System

A wireless power system enables fully autonomous recharging of DJI Matrice 200 and 210 drones using software, APIs and cloud-based tools. Ground-based transmitter components as well as onboard charging components are included. The system is compatible with the PowerPad drone landing pad. WiBotic.

Cyber Threat Detection

Cyber Detection monitors all outbound and inbound network traffic for 50 threat categories on any satcom technology used to connect the ship, whether VSAT or MSS. A new security operations center offers threat management support, and a cyber dashboard provides real-time alerts. Marlink.

Hybrid Propulsion Systems

MTU Series 2000 engines combined with electric motors, each with 150 kW of electrical output, will be launched in 2020, with a power range of 1,000 to 2,200 kW per power train. The portfolio will extend in 2021 with systems with up to four electric motors. Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG.

MCBH Adapters and Connectors

MCBH connectors are available with a ½-in. diameter hole through the glass sphere wall. The MCBH adapter, G-180, extends the threaded connector and increases the load-bearing footprint inside the O-ring. The design was tested to 18,000 psi. Global Ocean Design LLC.

Water Quality Sensors

A new line of fluorometers is compatible with Aqua TROLL 500 and 600 multiparameter sondes and includes rhodamine WT, chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin (BGA-PC) and phycoerythrin (BGA-PE) sensors, ideal for lake and river monitoring and coastal studies. In-Situ Inc.

Water Sample Collection System

A range of ROV tools rated to 6,000 m now includes the instrumented water sample collection system, an undisturbed sediment sampling system, an instrumented pressure-activated camera system and a deep-sea solenoid actuator. The systems can be linked together to create a network. OSIL.

Bathymetric LiDAR System

RAMMS (Rapid Airborne Multibeam Mapping System) uses push-broom laser technology in a compact design for rapid deployment on small aircraft, including unmanned, fixed-wing aircraft. It includes rapid processing and data transfer capabilities. Fugro.

Low-Distortion Optics System

The Rayfin UltraOptics system has ultrawide-angle, 120° dome port rectilinear optics with a digital PTZ within a 21-megapixel sensor. The software-defined camera system uses region-of-interest binning of the high-resolution camera sensor. SubC Imaging.

Subsea-Qualified Modem

The latest addition to the series of optical and copper communications products for subsea oilfields, Model 922-DSLH, is a combined DSL and optical fiber modem with integrated Ethernet switch and serial gateway. Moog Focal.

Electronic Logbook

NAPA Logbook is now available as a monthly service solution, and it integrates with NAPA Mobile for smartphone logbook entries. The tamper-proof logbook allows for multiple logs and record books including deck log, engine log, oil record book, GMDSS, garbage record book and ballast log. NAPA.

Split-Head Parametric SBP

The SeaKing split-head parametric sub-bottom profiler is ROV/AUV mountable and allows the transducer and electronics housing to be mounted separately. It comprises a 200-kHz echosounder to penetrate the seabed up to 10 m, effective at altitudes of 1 to 30 m from the seabed. Tritech International Ltd.

Small Vessel Email Solution

SeaMail is designed for barges, fishing vessels, inland cruisers and leisure craft, allowing shoreside management of emails. It is optimized for communications at reduced satellite bandwidth usage, for high-latency circuits and for multiple connection management. GTMaritime.

Subsea Control Fluid

Transaqua SP control fluid for subsea systems is compatible with a range of elastomers, plastics, metals and completion fluids while helping transfer power, lubricate, deal with contamination and reduce equipment degradation in a range of temperatures and pressures. Castrol.

Marine Digital Platform

Available on desktop and mobile devices, ShipSure 2.0 allows access to safety, operational and crew data from a single digital platform. It enables analysis and sharing of compliance, operational performance, procurement, HR and real-time financial data. V.Group Ltd.

IoT Service for Shipping

The Fleet Data service enables shipowners and managers to access and analyze real-time onboard data through a dedicated, bandwidth-inclusive service and a sensor-agnostic platform. Inmarsat.

Dynamic Positioning System

The Ability Marine Pilot Control system helps automate navigational tasks with algorithms for the optimal execution of a control command in any operational situation. It allows for joystick control. ABB.

Diver Navigation System

Aid-to-Navigation is an operating system using the Shearwater DiveCAN digital communications protocol. A single screen provides heading, tank pressure, depth and compass information, as well as distress, assist, recall and send-to-target commands. New features include send-return-home and send-assist. Diver6.

VR Motion Control Subsea Drone

The Nemo ROV can be used for diving, fishing, yachting, salvage and rescue, ship inspection, scientific exploration, research and education. It offers 4K HD video, VR motion control with a joystick, and automatic hover. Aquarobotman Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Triaxial Charge Accelerometer

Model EX356A73 is designed for high temperatures up to 900° F and has a frequency range up to 4,000 Hz with a ±5% tolerance. It has a nickel alloy, hermetically sealed housing with coaxial jacks and uses a UHT-12 sensing element. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

New Wave Instrument Features

Improvements to wave and tide instruments include a 300-m rating for shallow-water housing; anodized aluminum 3,000-m housing; and integrated internal pressure sensor. Falmouth Scientific Inc.



Low-Friction Mooring Technology

The self-lubricating, low-friction Chock Liner requires little or no maintenance, painting, coating or external protection. It accommodates HMPE rope with lower risk of abrasion and wear when in contact with the chock or panama fairlead and is suitable for polyester/polypropylene, polyester and nylon ropes, as required for FLNG, FSRU and STS. Nylacast Ltd.

Fluorescent Mooring Ropes

Tipto Winchline has a phosphorescent tracer yarn in the outer jacket, with a load-bearing, seven-strand core. Lankonect is a synthetic fiber rope connection that replaces a cow hitch or shackle. Lankoforce 12-strand rope has reflective tape braided into the Dyneema jacket. Lankhorst Ropes.

Rugged Sunlight Readable Monitor

SRMH-13.3U is a 13.3-in. screen with full HD resolution and more than 1,500 nits of brightness, five times brighter than a standard monitor. The monitor features a powder-coated steel enclosure and an operating temperature range of 32° to 158° F. TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

Field Service Mobile App

A new app developed for field technicians offers service companies an efficient view of assigned tasks, with the ability to update work orders in real time using features such as voice-to-text recordings to increase productivity. MyTaskit.

New Optical Ferrule Size

The 1.25-mm ferrule provides single-mode and multi-mode options with low insertion losses for subsea applications in extremely high-density pin configurations, while affording exclusive precision alignment capabilities. BIRNS Inc.

Modular Wireless System

The ZigBoat can monitor everything from bilge water to movement on deck, all tracked on a smartphone, using the Gateway core module. The unit is 4 x 4 x 1.1 in., runs off 12 to 24 VDC and has a backup battery life of three to five years. Glomex Marine Antennas USA.

Vertical Screen River Radar

The FR1908VBB processor outputs dual video signals in high resolution. Target detection ensures awareness of all targets in the environment. Six NMEA input/output ports allow interfacing with the rest of the helm, and a direct connection to a VDR or SVDR is also available. Furuno USA Inc.

Directional Drilling PowerTool

HDDPT is software for horizontal drilling that enables safe and efficient pipeline drilling, reaming and installation through minimizing excavation complexity, preventing borehole collapse and monitoring drilling or pulling operations. Technical Toolboxes.

Magnetic Mount Antenna

The TW7875 magnetic mount GNSS antenna is capable of receiving GPS L1/L5, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1/E5a and NavIC L5 and is especially designed for precision dual-frequency positioning. It employs multipath signal rejection with a low axial ratio and provides a linear phase response and tight phase center variation. Tallysman Inc.

Portable Deck Box

Launch Box is a compact waterproof deck box with Wi-Fi capability, GPS time synchronization and extended power to icListen or any 24-V Ethernet device. It transmits data wirelessly up to 100 m and can be used with a single hydrophone or to create multihydrophone arrays through smart cables. Ocean Sonics Ltd.

Long-Range Acoustic Recorder

MULTHY is a recorder coupled to an acoustic antenna equipped with 16 omnidirectional hydrophones. It is less than 20-m long, and multiple hydrophones with digital processing reduce noise and improve signal quality, recording up to 100 kHz. RTsys.

Multi-Function Display

The new flagship MFD system, Axiom XL, is an all-in-one sonar module, with RVX1000 3D chirp sonar with dual transducer ports and RealVision 3D high-powered chirp sonar. The unit has oversized, full-HD displays available in 16-, 19-, 22- and 24-in. sizes. Raymarine Inc.

Multi-Function Display

The new flagship MFD system, Axiom XL, is an all-in-one sonar module, with RVX1000 3D chirp sonar with dual transducer ports and RealVision 3D high-powered chirp sonar. The unit has oversized, full-HD displays available in 16-, 19-, 22- and 24-in. sizes. Raymarine Inc.

Task-Based Competency Feature

A new feature in the Videotel Performance Manager provides the ability to structure task-based competency assessments for seafarers on any given subject and monitor skills development, with results available to shore staff in interactive reports. KVH Videotel.

SonarWiz 7.2 Release

New functionality includes interactive 3D contact reporting, improved interpretation of elevation data, an acoustic color image tool for multifrequency backscatter, an enhanced helm display, side scan pitch and roll corrections and more soft license options and bundles. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Rack Mount Cases

Pelican-Hardigg V-Series cases use a full-boxed 19-in. steel rack with a square hole pattern for easy hanging of electronics with tab mounts. Cases are rated for 170 lb. and include a manual purge valve to equalize air pressure in the case to prevent vacuum-lock. OrionCase Enterprises LLC.

Wet Wide-Angle Lens

The UWL-09Pro has a wide field of view and a zero minimal focus distance, with six multilayered precision optic elements organized in six groups. The lens can be used with lens mounts of other dimensions using an optional adapter. Fantasea Line.

USB Digital Accelerometer

Model 633A01 allows vibration measurements via USB plug-and-play capability. Features include piezoelectric ruggedness and extended dynamic range; broad frequency and dynamic range; ability to record and send data to off-site specialists; and embedded calibration. IMI Sensors, a PCB Piezotronics Div.

Heavy-Duty Flow Switch

The FLT93 Series Switch is a flow/level sensor with a NEMA 4X enclosure for use with heavy marine seawater, acidic or alkaline fluids and wash-down cycles. The switch indicates both flow and temperature or level sensing, with dual 6A relay outputs assignable to flow, level or temperature. Fluid Components International LLC.

Contaminant Control Material

The 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric provides a temporary and conformable surface covering that adheres to most surfaces but removes easily and leaves no residue. A key feature is its nonwoven surface, which traps contaminants rather than allowing them to land, which minimizes spreading. 3M.



Safe, Green Line of Tugboats

The RSD Tug 2513 is fully focused on ship handling and offers 70-t bollard pull. New compact multipurpose vessels, the ASD Tug 2312 and ASD Tug 2813, offer 60-t and 80-t BP respectively. Damen Shipyards Group.

Portable Tidal Gauge

TideStation (Portable) is a self-contained observation hub for monitoring tide and meteorological equipment and communications. It offers a choice of UHF or GPRS telemetry with connection to pressure or radar sensors and interface to meteorological systems. Valeport Ltd.

Industrial-Grade LCD Monitor

The SXOBH-49-XTR monitor is a 49-in. super bright waterproof sunlight readable monitor. It has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution and more than 2,500 nits of brightness, with impact-resistant glass. TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

Water-Resistant Position Sensors

P-Series high-pressure and water-resistant LVDTs are built for reliable position measurement in deep subsea environments and applications such as pressure test vessels and hydraulic actuators. They serve as ideal replacements for load cells, pots and magnetostrictive sensors. NewTek Sensor Solutions.

Carbon-Reducing Fuel Additive

The FS Marine+ solution can be used with almost any type two- or four-stroke engine running on HFO, MGO or MDO. It uses an onboard hydrogen synthgas generator to inject a gas and liquid water/methanol solution into an engine’s combustion chamber. FuelSave GmbH.

Transaction Platform Update

An updated version of a transaction management platform offers a unified user interface, enhanced tagging, rich message composition, and a new sign-in system that leverages multiauthentication to enhance communication and document security. SEDNA Systems.

Immersible Connectors

SOURIAU SWIM connectors are for use in shallow immersion depths down to 300 m. They can be used on surface drones for environmental evaluation, on maritime surveillance equipment, for oil exploration, weather buoys, commercial diving and ocean-class ROVs. Esterline Connection Technologies.

Offshore Logistics Software

Marlin is a platform that combines temporal project planning with 3D spatial situational awareness. It can be used in emergency response, SIMOPS, integrated activity planning, geophysical/geotechnical operations, offshore logistics and supply vessels. ION Geophysical.

Upgraded pH Sensor

SeaFET V2 implements several upgrades to the original Shallow SeaFET, Shallow SeapHOx and Deep SeapHOx. It has improved reliability, data quality and deployment endurance, as well as redesigned electronics and autonomous sampling. Sea-Bird Scientific.

Acoustic Measurement Buoy

Equipped with solar panels, the SYPOD buoy can be used autonomously or cabled. It has a single-channel acquisition system, which can be connected to a hydrophone for underwater acoustical measurements or to other sensors. Data are transmitted in real time through Wi-Fi, 4G or radio. RTsys.

Data Processing Software Update

The new release of the Qimera software incorporates results from usability studies, as well as bug fixes and general maintenance. Qimera 1.7.0. allows QPDs up to 4 GB. Changes to the user interface affect workflows involving the filter toolbar, slice editor, swath editor and the SVP editor. QPS bv.

Quick Lens Mounting

The Bayonet Mounting System (QRS) allows for 1/4-turn installation and removal of wet lenses on the housing lens port and arm. Mounts include: female on M67 housing MB1; male for 67-mm macro lens; male for UWL-09F; lens holder 67 mm for UL arm; and female on arm MB2. Fantasea Line.

Multifunction Displays

The Raymarine Axiom XL multifunction displays are fully waterproof and can be installed in both open cockpits and enclosed bridge stations. Each model uses in-plane switching and optical bonding display technology to deliver wider viewing angles, sharp contrast and unmatched readability in bright sun. Available in 16-, 19-, 22- and 24-in. sizes. FLIR Systems Inc.

Safer Off-Load Hooks

Cranston-Eagle Marine off-load hooks are engineered so that only when weight is removed and the cable pulled will the locking mechanism open—there is no on-load release capability. Built of 100 percent stainless steel for use in extreme environments, hooks are available in capacities from 2.5 to 12 mt, and in cable- and boat-mounted configurations. Delta “T” Systems Inc.

Fast Patrol Boat

The Munin S1200 comes with a triple Mercury Verado 400 outboard installation, and the same platform can be delivered with sterndrives, surface drives or a waterjet installation. Options include a large bimini with a full-height windscreen or a short windscreen. Open scuppers on both sides of the stern make the cockpit self-draining. Norsafe.

Thin LED Strip Lights

The E45 Slim Light is potted into an aluminum channel and installs with powder-coated clips. Ideal underneath a gunwale, shelf, step or other site with limited space, E45 Slim Lights have a 50,000-hr. life. Lights are sealed with TPE end caps for UV and chemical resistance superior to PVC or rubber. TecNiq Inc.

Hybrid Battery Packs

Two UB-50-12 hybrid battery packs are available in 2.4-kWh and 3.6-kWh configurations for ships and offshore platforms. They incorporate UltraBattery technology and a scalable battery rack system. Each battery pack includes internal cables and frame kit. Eco Marine Power.

Satellite Compass

The SC33 is capable of utilizing multiple GNSS systems, such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS for an accuracy of ±0.4° for heading/roll/pitch and 3 m for position. The unit has temperature and pressure sensors that output that data to the NMEA2000 network. Furuno USA Inc.

Cable Transit Design Tool

Roxtec Transit Designer is an online application where users enter cable or pipe estimates, sealing or certification requirements, installation preferences and material quality. The tool filters the input and generates drawings, bill of material, certificates and installation details. Roxtec International AB.



Mobile Identification App

A new app allows long-term traceability through automatic identification of Eccofloat parts or vehicles. The app uses near field communication as part of a passive radio frequency identification system that allows customers to easily reorder products, look up product information and design new buoyancy from a smart phone. Trelleborg.

New Release of Pipeline Software

Version 19.0 of the cloud-based Pipeline Toolbox software features a range of improved calculations and applications to enhance the user experience, along with an embedded new license manager that strengthens security. Technical Toolboxes.

Multibeam Sounder

The F3X multibeam sounder offers significantly more power than previous models, as well as long pulse time that equates to more energy in the water and increased clarity in shallow and medium depths of 50 to 500 m. The F3X, with an 80-kHz transducer, provides the ability to operate as a sounder in depths of 1,000 m. WASSP.

Wide Angle Conversion Lenses

The UWL-400F 24-mm and UWL-04F 28-mm wide-angle lenses are “wet” wide-angle lenses for compact housings. UWL-400F features a wide field of view and zero minimal focus distance for extra sharp wide angle and close focus images. UWL-04F has a 160° field of view. Fantasea Line.

Deep-Sea Camera System

A new pressure-activated self-contained camera system is activated by a pressure switch in an intelligent battery pack that can be programmed at the surface to turn the camera on and off at specific depths. It can also independently or concurrently activate any instrumentation that is connected to it. OSIL.

Satellite Terminal

ST 6100 includes a satellite terminal with a built-in antenna and accelerometer, expanded memory and enhanced GPS. It is environmentally sealed and can be used to remotely control equipment, including reclosers, pipelines, meters and generators operating in extreme environments. ORBCOMM.

Automated Oil Blending

The SEA-Mate blending-on-board product line for blending in-use oil with oil products has three new models, B500 Mk2, B1000 Mk2 and B3000. The technology has been enhanced with integrated software that automates the system to produce fit-for-purpose cylinder lubricants using data received from sensors on board. Maersk Fluid Technology A/S.

Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Sat-Fi2 connects up to eight personal smart devices to a private satellite Wi-Fi network where cellular service is unavailable. The Sat-Fi2 app facilitates email, text, talk and file sharing, plus S.O.S. capabilities that allow direct communication with GEOS to facilitate search and rescue. Globalstar Inc.

USV Launch and Recovery

A universal, low-cost launch-and-recovery system for USVs includes a self-floating dock that can be operated with any standard crane or davit. It is compatible with variants of platforms such as RIBs and FRCs. RC Dock.

Ultra-Portable ROV

The CCROV is a portable underwater robotic system with 4K video, an underwater automatic hover function and six thrusters. It uses battery and DC power supply via cable and dives to 100 m. VxFly Intelligent Information Technology Co Ltd.

Maintenance Management

The SeaStock Management Solution assumes management of onboard maintenance including condition surveys, ordering, logistics, communication, business and technical reviews, optimizing products for individual requirements, and crew education. Jotun A/S.

Bathymetric Data Workflow

HIPS and SIPS now support drag and drop for raw sensor files, with raw data automatically processed and georeferenced. Version 11.0 has a georeference bathymetry function that initiates sound velocity correction, load tide, apply tide, merge and compute total propagated uncertainty. Teledyne CARIS.

Online Crew Training

A Videotel Performance Manager (VPM) update includes online training with a suite of eLearning material accessible on any web-enabled device. Content is automatically repurposed for mobile, tablet and web browsing. KVH Videotel.

AIS Transmitter

The Simrad V3100 Class B AIS allows a vessel to be detected at greater range and provides transmission to satellite-based AIS receivers. The package can negotiate a regular transmission time slot with other AIS units, facilitating more frequent and reliable position updates in areas with high AIS activity. Navico A/S.

Multi-Site Cybersecurity

ICS Shield is a technology security management solution for securing connected industrial control system environments with multiple physical sites and automation equipment types. It enables secure management of remote field assets through a single security operations center. Honeywell Process Solutions.

Cable-Laying Software Updates

MakaiLay software including Auto-Slack and Auto-NAV generates the optimal sequence of instructions for a cable engine and vessel DP to accurately install a submarine cable with the target bottom tension along the desired route. Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.



Shape-Shifting AUV-ROV Robot

Aquanaut is a multipurpose subsea robot that employs a shape-shifting transformation from an AUV to an ROV, removing the need for vessels and tethers. The vehicle enables both data collection over long distances and manipulation of subsea objects. Houston Mechatronics.

Adaptable Sonar Software

Discover Blue’s target-adaptive software automatically configures the side scan sonar system for common targets and features a coverage mapper module with survey line planning and left and right steering indicators to assist in survey line control. EdgeTech.

Sound Velocity Meter

INSEA2 is a portable sound velocity meter for measurements in all types of sediments with on-site analysis. Four transmitter/receivers provide up to 12 acoustical pathways for data collection in the presence of obstacles, and the frequency sweep system collects data in less than 30 sec. RTsys.

Mini High-Speed Connectivity

The MiniMax connector 08 provides full-speed Ethernet with eight AWG24 pins in a receptacle of 12-mm diameter. It has an anthracite coating with ‹5 mΩ panel grounding and is rated to 20 m for 24 hr. A new flashdrive is also available with a USB 3.0 and nine contact poles. Fischer Connectors.

Port State Control App

PSC Ready is a cloud-based mobile app to assist in preparation for port state control inspections and ensuring compliance with applicable requirements. The app allows training crews to detect, correct and avoid deficiencies and access statistics, data and news on PSC developments. Bureau Veritas.

High-Power Sub-Bottom Profiling

Stratabox3510 HD is now available in a 1,000-W configuration for greater power and deeper sediment penetration. For example, data from Stratabox3510 HD operating at 10 kHz revealed boulder and reef formations in subsurface substrate in a King Island survey. Syqwest Inc.

Rugged Embedded Computing

SabreCom mission computers are based on I/O-rich SBCs and COM-based SBCs and feature a full IP67 rating and MIL-STD-810G compatibility. Systems are available in five processors and are customizable with PC/104 modules or PCIe mini-cards and optional flash storage. Diamond Systems.

Automatic Network Router

Hubba X4 Global is a multiband, multiprotocol, dual SIM, LTE data router that interoperates with existing VSAT systems to switch networks when out of range of shore-based networks. The router connects across multiple networks up to 20 mi. offshore and selects the vessel’s VSAT system when out of mobile range. Buzz Wireless.

Magnetometer for AUV

The Explorer AUV magnetometer is an omnidirectional sensor towed behind the vehicle, allowing it to operate outside the AUV’s magnetic signature. The Explorer’s exceptional accuracy and sensitivity, small size, low noise and minimal power requirements make it ideal for use with AUVs. Teledyne Gavia.

Wireless Personnel Locator

In:Range is a wearable sensor for locating personnel in real time. Signals triggered by alarms or distress movements are picked up by sensors that plug into standard power points, and data are transmitted to the bridge or emergency services or nearby ships. ScanReach.

IMU-Enhanced GNSS

AsteRx-i is a compact, multifrequency, multiconstellation GNSS engine with an external industrial grade MEMS-based IMU. It can deliver GNSS/IMU integrated positioning to centimeter level and 3D attitude at high update rates and low latency. With a UAS-tailored carrier board, it integrates into light UAVs for optical inspection and photogrammetry. Septentrio.

Vessel Tracking Upgrades

ShipView 2.0 is a vessel tracking platform with a real-time satellite AIS data service that plots ship positions on map layers for easy viewing. It captures thousands of open-ocean vessels with positions less than 1 min. old. Recent upgrades include a three-year vessel track toolkit with playback functionality. exactEarth.

Multitouch Monitors

A new series of multitouch monitors, the 17-in. MU175T, 19-in.MU195T, and the 24-in., wide-aspect-ratio MU245T, make up the “Hi-Brite” line of marine monitors. Based on the NavNet TZtouch gesture and interface systems, the new line features high brilliance and increased sensitivity. Furuno U.S.A.

Offshore Data Analysis

Ability Process Performance Dashboard is a cloud-based service that measures the performance of oil and gas facilities against indicators, including start-up time and operator interventions. Data are then analyzed by operations experts using advanced data analysis technology, and results are fed back via the dashboard. ABB Ltd.

Asset Management Platform

NeoSight is an asset integrity management platform that integrates with existing systems. Digital twin models allow for the integration of inspection, analysis and measured data for insight into asset behavior. Stress Engineering Services Inc.

Positioning for Small Systems

Compact, high-precision positioning solutions include PwrPak7D-E1, a dual-antenna, multifrequency enclosure available with IMU and INS. The OEM7600 receiver board comes with protective shielding in order to isolate from electronics emissions. Waypoint Inertial Explorer Xpress is post-processing software for GNSS+INS data sets. NovAtel Inc.



Inertial Navigation System

The Navsight Marine Solution provides real-time heave that is accurate to 5 cm, with automatic adjustment for wave frequency. It is available as a motion reference unit, providing roll, pitch and heave, or as a full navigation solution using an external or embedded tri-frequency GNSS receiver. SBG Systems S.A.S.

LED Strobe Panel

NOVA provides ultrabright illumination to capture crisp still images on fast AUVs. Originally designed for integration with HUGIN AUVs, NOVA combines 36 custom-oriented LEDs to produce a powerful 450,000-lumen output. 2G Robotics Inc.

Real-Time Mapping

CARIS Onboard 2.0 dynamically controls and monitors automated survey systems. Products generated including surfaces, backscatter mosaics and survey track lines are live-streamed during acquisition and accessed through a web browser. Teledyne CARIS Inc.

High-Performance Tile Server

TMS ChartServer with tile map service technology allows display of S-57/S-63 maritime charts at top speed, works with OpenLayers or Leaflet and is available as a hosting service, with easy configuration of chart settings. SevenCs GmbH.

Camera Lens Port System

A new range of lenses to use with FA6500 and FA6000 housings for the Sony a6000, a6300 and a6500 mirrorless cameras includes a mounting converter, fisheye zoom ring adjustment gear and macro lens focus ring gear. Fantasea Line.

Heavy Payload ROV

The Mako ROV for large instrumentation carries up to 22.5 kg, flies at 2 kt., has eight thrusters and a modular accessory bay. The standard version measures 840 x 635 x 674 mm, weighs approximately 72 kg and is compatible with other SEAMOR ROVs. SEAMOR Marine Ltd.

Sub-Bottom Profiler

The GeoPulse Compact has digital processing and waveform selection from 2 to 18 kHz for specific pulse-shape, power signature and configuration options, integrating continuous wave and frequency modulated systems. It is available in a compact, over-the-side, mounted version and a towed version. Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd.

Electric ROV

The XLe Spirit has an optional electric or hydraulic five-function manipulator arm and a self-regulating power feature that compensates for tether losses to ensure constant, stable power delivery to the vehicle regardless of tether length. Additional sensors allow autopilot and pilot assist modes. Forum Energy Technologies Inc.

GNSS Receiver

The Vector V1000 GNSS receiver provides heading, position, pitch, roll, and heave data and supports multifrequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and IRNSS for simultaneous satellite tracking. It is powered by the Athena RTK engine and is Atlas L-band capable. Hemisphere GNSS.

Advanced AUV

The Iver Precision Workhorse AUV has an extended range of more than 40 nmi on a single charge, with point-and-click mission planning and extended-range Nortek DVL. It has EdgeTech 2205B conformal side scan plus bathymetry transducers. L3 OceanServer.

Micro UUV

The MK II µUUV offers a nearly 70% reduction in hotel load power to 3.5 W with open-source software for updated mission planning, vehicle checkout and mission sortie execution tools. It has a 300-m depth rating, speeds over 10 kt., and operates more than 40 hr. at 2 kt. without a payload on alkaline batteries. Riptide Autonomous Solutions LLC.

Water Quality Multiprobe

Aqua TROLL 500 is a wireless instrument ideal for both spot checks and long-term monitoring that streamlines data collection and records data directly to a mobile device. The HydroVu platform provides 24/7 online data access for long-term monitoring. In-Situ Inc.

Wi-Fi Interface and Router

Tidal Wave provides high-powered dual-band 3G/4G Wi-Fi and allows for concurrent listening across 2.4 GHz and 5.1 to 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi channels along with SIM activated cellular data. MBR-550 is a compact multisource router with a built-in access point. Wave WiFi Inc.

Swarming Unmanned Vehicles

SwarmDiver is a micro USV and UUV that operates in a swarm. Multiple SwarmDivers function simultaneously as a coordinated entity controlled via one operator on the surface and perform dives on command to collect intelligence. Aquabotix Technology Corp.

Sonar Base Systems

Oculus M series multibeam sonars have a small form factor, weighing less than 400 g in water. Dual-frequency capabilities make them ideally suited for micro-platforms. Blueprint Design Engineering Ltd.

‘Ocean Passages’ Update

A new edition of “ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World” (NP136) has route diagrams alongside tabulated waypoint data. It has additions for hubs in the Black Sea and Persian Gulf and ports in Asia, Africa and South America. UK Hydrographic Office.

Swath Bathymetry

EdgeTech 6205s produces real-time 3D maps of the seafloor while providing integrated swath bathymetry and a dual-frequency side scan sonar system. Swath coverage is up to 200°. EdgeTech.



Marine Drafting Software

The latest release of the ShipConstructor software has improved revision and task support for modifying structure parts, easy import and export of operations in the EnterprisePlatform software, and offers multiple new features for ShipConstructor subscribers. SSI.

Metal Thickness Gauge

Multigauge 6000 is an ultrasonic metal-thickness gauge designed for mounting onto drones for high-level inspections. It transmits real-time measurements wirelessly up to a distance of 500 m, and a single crystal probe ensures accurate readings on curved surfaces, such as storage tanks and pipelines. Tritex NDT Ltd.

Design Support Software

PrimeShip-HULL version 5.0.0 includes IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT). The calculation report function is now a stand-alone system, and the prescriptive calculation software includes an enhanced 2D CAD data-linkage function. ClassNK.

Multifunction Lights

Dual-color Sea Hawk-XL lights use three rows of LEDs and a unique ceramic thermal polymer housing that directs heat away from internal components for an exceptionally long service life. The housings, available in black or white, feature IP 67 sealed construction and a 316 stainless steel mounting bracket. Hella marine Inc.

Geophysical Software

New releases across the spectrum of oil-field production solutions include: Jason 9.7.1 for advanced geostatistical reservoir characterization; HampsonRussell 10.3 for interpretation and analysis; and the PowerLog 9.7.1 petrophysical solution for well log analysis. CGG.

NOx Control Chemistry

BIONOxSOLVER for scrubber systems has nitrogen dioxide reducing agents with more than 33% greater efficiency. Applications include removal of nitrogen dioxide emissions from catalyst calcining and silicon wafer and circuit board etching. Bionomic Industries Inc.

Intelligent Underwater Winch

The MERMAC U intelligent electric winch comes in two sizes and controls deployment of oceanographic equipment by raising and lowering a buoy at pre-defined intervals and speeds and to set depths of up to 3,000 m. MacArtney A/S.

Diving Equipment Manager

This cloud-based maintenance system helps diving companies manage equipment and adhere to certification guidelines by providing a real-time overview of equipment. Unique Equipment Manager provides manufacturing and contractor documentation and can be implemented across multiple geographies. Unique Group.

Intertial Data Processing

Qinertia post-processing software handles intertial data through a tight coupling algorithm for INS/GNSS fusion. It allows creation of a virtual base station with access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Sound Velocity Probe

SWiFTplus combines wide-range turbidity observations with survey-grade sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology. It has Bluetooth connectivity and an integral GPS module to geolocate each profile. Valeport Ltd.

Electronic Chart Updates

Using Challenger software, mariners can manage onboard holdings and receive updates for Admiralty paper charts and publications, AVCS, ADP and e-NP digital products via web sync or email. Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd.

Cloud-Based Ship Management

Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Fleet Manager centralizes data and makes it available across the complex of ship management for teams spread around the world working both onshore and on board vessels. It allows digitalization of vessel audits in real time and includes more than 25 applications. Lloyd’s Register.

Bathymetry Module Licensing

SonarWiz bathymetry and magnetometry post-processing is available through a stand-alone license. Add-ons include side scan, sub-bottom profiling and single beam, or bathymetry and magnetometry can add on to existing licenses. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

ENC Bathymetry Plotter

The new version of the ENC Bathymetry Plotter allows data clipping to create a smaller subset for further processing. It can also create S-57-relevant information about associated zones of confidence, survey techniques and survey dates. SevenCs GmbH.

Easy-Install Antennas

Glomeasy antennas are available in 3-, 4- and 8-ft. lengths with waterproof FME for mobile equipment. VHF, AIS, FM and DAB antennas rotate freely when threading to avoid shearing or damage during install. Glomex Marine Antennas USA Corp.

Autopilot System

NavPilot 300 is designed for center consoles with outboard engines and drive-by-wire systems. It has a single-DIN, 4.1-in. color LCD and Bluetooth-enabled gesture controller that allows vessel steering within 10 m of the helm through “point-and-shoot.” Furuno USA Inc.

Waterproof Speaker

The WOW-SOUND Bluetooth speaker runs for 50 hr. on a single charge. It features four 2-in. active speakers spaced evenly around the circumference of the system and one 4-in. passive radiator on top with a 360° LED light. WOW Watersports.



Increased CAN Bus Signal Range

CAN bus communication protocol is extended to active flying leads with three configurations for up to 5,000 m, including a fault tolerant CAN bus (ECFL-FT), a high speed CAN bus (ECFL-HS), and an optical extended CAN bus jumper (EOFL-C). Teledyne Oil & Gas.

Maritime Black Box

The VR7000S Simplified Voyage Data Recorder is a tamperproof data recording unit for maritime accident investigations. It records information from all serial, analog or digital sensors, bridge audio and VHF, radar and ECDIS data, AIS, bridge alert management, thrusters and inclinometer. Furuno USA Inc.

DC Electrical Switches

New models of toggle and push-button switches are available in single- and double-pole and single- and double-throw options. Switches are available with a lighted lever and optional silicone rubber boot for moisture sealing. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.

Machine Diagnostics

Using information about speed, horsepower and rigid versus flexible mount, a smart machine checker uses a wireless triaxial sensor to take measurements on the bearing points of a machine, as well as shaft speed, bearing temperature and wireless sensor orientation. Fixturlaser.

Navigational iPhone App

The mazu iPhone app now integrates Navionics vector charts for navigation and weather routing. It offers seven-day point forecasts, with wind and wave heights, access to GRIB files, and NEXRAD and NOAA weather alerts. Navigation includes routes, waypoints, NMEA data, and on-screen tracking. SkyMate Inc.

Artificial Intelligence System

The A-Suite cloud-based operations manager uses algorithms to detect anomalies in the behavior of human operators. It includes a track prediction system and anti-collision support tool, advanced diagnostics for decision support, and uses real-time metocean data, hazards and hydrodynamic performance indicators for optimization. Transas.

Entanglement Prevention

The ARC-1XD acoustic release mechanism is based on vaporization of a nickel-chromium wire by a very high-current electric current. The wire is strung between two posts constraining a level arm. Upon vaporization, a lever arm is set free and opens by the buoyant force of the instrument package or a buoy released to the surface. Desert Star Systems LLC.

Optical Ferrule

A 1.25 mm optical ferrule is available for the BIRNS Millennium connector series. It can be used with molded or oil-filled cables in straight or 90° configurations and in high and low voltage, coax, fiber-optic and hybrids of electro-coax, electro-optical and electro-opto-mechanical formats. BIRNS Inc.

Electric Torque Tool

Australia-based Total Marine Technology has collaborated to release a 24-kilo electric torque tool with built-in drive and torque measurement that is self-calibrating across its full torque range. Saab Seaeye Ltd.

LED Crane Light

The GAU-HB-1000W-LED-SS-480V universal voltage crane light can be operated on 347-480 V AC without modifications and automatically adjusts input current. The LEDs are paired with a high purity, polished aluminum reflector to produce a focused 10º spot beam. Larson Electronics LLC.

Lightweight Anchor

The FX-85 anchor weighs 47 lbs. and offers 21,000 lbs. of holding power in hard sand. With certifications from ABS and DNV GL, it is made from precision-machined aluminum magnesium alloy and can be adjusted to 32° or 45°. Fortress Marine Anchors.

Waterproof Touch Screen Monitor

This 17-in. sunlight-readable monitor has a five-wire resistive touch screen that can be activated with nearly any object, including a gloved finger or stylus. It has a stainless steel panel-mount enclosure, and operating temperatures range from -22° to 176°F. TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

Micro Multibeam Sonar

The Gemini 720im has a 90° horizontal FOV and 50 m range, with an update rate up to 20 Hz. Its small size suits micro ROVs/AUVs and applications with restricted space or weight such as diver helmets and pole mounting in search and recovery. Tritech International Ltd.

Handheld Data Logger

The Databank Handheld Datalogger uses GPS and the GLONASS satellite system for horizontal position accuracy of 2.5 m. It stores up to 9,999 records and 16 calibrations and uses a GUI interface for configuring Cyclops sensors. Turner Designs Inc.

Micro Inertial Sensors

The Ellipse 2 Micro Series is available as an IMU (inertial measurement unit) with gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and a temperature sensor, as an AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) running an extended Kalman filter, or as an INS (inertial navigation system) that connects to a GNSS receiver. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Recovery Tow Sling

Panther is a lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch tow sling for mining and vehicle recovery with loads from 20-700 MT. It is made of Dyneema SK78 and covered with Dyneema HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) chafe protection. Samson Rope Technologies Inc.



Port Virtualization Technology

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology allows remote access to vessel equipment. It can be added to the core of specific shipping equipment and redirect any number of serial devices over TCP/IP or UDP networks. Eltima Software.

Eco-Friendly Hull Cleaning

HullWiper uses high-pressure seawater instead of brushes or abrasives to minimize damage to anti-fouling coatings. Removed residues are collected in a waste unit on the ROV to reduce cross-pollination of waters. HullWiper.

Ice and Oil Detecting Radars

The FICE100 hybrid ice radar detects the structure of ice out to a 3 nm radius and locates rifts, clean ice and channels to determine iceabreaker routes. The FOIL200 oil radar uses raw data from the X7 processor to identify oil spills and create an image with up to 100 radar antenna scans. Furuno.

Biocide Mapping

TraxBio maps biocidal surfactants in oil and gas systems using the chemicals’ propensity to form micelles, clusters of surfactants. Nanoscale clusters of the biocide chemical can be detected using the TraxBio chemical mapping tool, aiding decisions about how much biocide to dose and alerting of potential biofouling risks. LUX Assure.

Synthetic Beam Bathymetry

The Hydro-2F multifrequency synthetic beam bathymetric and seafloor sonar provides 200-kHz precision bathymetry and narrow-beam, low-frequency bathymetry, as well as acoustic backscatter data. It provides depth data overlayed with GPS position and satellite photographs and can generate an augmented reality video and paper chart. Unabara.

Fleet Compliance Portal

FleetManager enables access to live ship management and tracking data on a centralized portal with environmental, piracy and regulatory overlays. It links with the PassageManager e-navigation platform in real time. ChartCo.

Battery Analyzers

Models BA6010 and BA6011 analyzers provide auxiliary measurement parameters including inductance, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance, reactance and phase angle in degrees and radians. Both work with battery chemistries that are responsive to a 1-kHz AC stimulus signal. B&K Precision.

Magnetometer Detection System

The Proton 5 system includes a 200-ft.-depth-rated towfish, 150 ft. of Kevlar tow cable and a topside control box. There is also an optional altimeter, USB data output and Tracker 3 mapping software. JW Fishers Mfg.

Enhanced Current Profiling

The Sentinel V acoustic Doppler current profiler supports data rates up to 16 Hz. It has an option for bottom tracking and utilities software to interface with the existing VMDAS program and simplify vessel-mounted data applications. Teledyne RD Instruments.

Broadband Marine Antenna

The 6500-WB broadband antenna has a wind rating of 125 mph and operating temperature range of –67° to 160° F. It has a nominal impedance of 50 ohm and an input power rating of 100 watts continuous with a 3-dB gain. Its polarization pattern is vertical (omnidirectional). Shakespeare Co. LLC.

Electronic Instrument Connector

Air Link facilitates connection of electronic devices such as anemometers and GPS chartplotters. Air Link now supports temperature readings and has Wi-Fi, so users can send wired NMEA 0183 data to mobile devices. SailTimer Inc.

Professional Navigation Software

TZ Professional combines a variety of navigational data into an integrated interface. Version 3.3 offers Furuno DFF3D multibeam sonar compatibility, FLIR M200 compatibility, Marport trawl positioning integration, marks and objects database optimization and import of OLEX tracks and marks. Timezero.

Electronic Instrument Connector

Air Link facilitates connection of electronic devices such as anemometers and GPS chartplotters. Air Link now supports temperature readings and has Wi-Fi, so users can send wired NMEA 0183 data to mobile devices. SailTimer Inc.

Real-Time 3D Sonar

Echoscope4G Surface enables vision, mapping and measurement in real time for shallow-water operations to 20-m depth. The sonar is available in single, dual and XD triple models with three independent frequency and 3D volumes. Coda Octopus Group Inc.


Hybrid AUV/ROV

The Integra hybrid AUV/ROV can be configured with multiple sensors and maneuvered from any web-enabled device. Users can search wide areas using its untethered AUV mode and conduct detailed inspections using its ROV mode by attaching the tether for remote control. Aquabotix Technology Corp.

Miniature Ultrasonic Anemometer

The TriSonica Mini and the TriSonica Mini Weather Station are only 9.25 cm tall. The TriSonica Mini is a 3D ultrasonic anemometer that measures wind speed, direction and temperature and can report the compass heading, air density and dew point. Anemoment LLC.

Coating Dispensing System

MIXPAC MixCoat Manual is a cartridge-based protective coating dispensing system. Components are kept separate until forced through the static mixer. Cartridges are available for 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 ratios. Sulzer Mixpac AG.

Synthetic Fiber Rope

Spectra HC1000 rope is made from molecular-weight polyethylene using a gel-spinning process. It has up to 60 percent greater strength than aramid fiber yet is light enough to float. The fiber is highly resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet light and provides superior abrasion resistance. Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies.

Environmental Compliance

A new version of the EnviroManager platform uses GPS to show regulations in force at any given position and includes all agreed national and international baselines in an updated geographic database. Version 5.4 defines discharge types including bilge water, sewage, air emissions, garbage, food waste and ballast. ChartCo Ltd.

LiDAR Option for USV

A LiDAR sensor option is available for the Z-Boat 1800RP USV that can be coupled with a multibeam echosounder to enable mapping and surveillance capabilities both above and below the waterline. Teledyne Oceanscience.

Manual Hoist

The KMX Kinetic series manual hoist is ATEX-certified for use in potentially explosive environments with spark-resistant parts and a capacity range from 0.5 to 20 metric tons. Its VH-grade load chain with an inorganic zinc coating provides optimal corrosion resistance while dip spin and powder coating provides added protection. Ingersoll Rand.

Acoustic Release Components

A line of OEM components allows customization of underwater release systems with parts such as the ORCA thermal release or OEM transducers. The OEM BART board can couple with a transducer and release control actuator for acoustic control using a PACS or 8011 surface deck box. EdgeTech.

Satellite-Based Internet Browser

Sat-Browse works via the Sat-Fi app using either Globalstar’s Sat-Fi or 9600 Data Hotspot satellite devices. It offers Yippy’s compression technology. Globalstar Inc.

Pile Driving Application

New software for pile driving offers GNSS positioning of the pile and uses pre-engineering information such as position and orientation as guidance during real-time operations. Teledyne RESON.

UXO Detection System

Magsense is a vertical gradiometer array to record data in magnetically noisy subsea environments. 3D steering decreases the amount of infill and the launch-and-recovery system minimizes manual handling. N-Sea Group.


Doppler Profiler

The Sentinel V acoustic Doppler current profiler has high-speed wireless and increased memory. It has a flood-resistant electronics chamber and one-touch activation individual transducers with data rates up to 16 Hz. Teledyne RDI.

Personal Rescue Strobe

A dedicated life jacket safety light includes a 200-lumen LED bulb housed in a Lexan lens with 360° visibility. It can be used for deep-sea diving to 1,000 ft. and is visible for over 2 mi. Weems & Plath.

Mobile App for Water Monitoring

VuSitu provides directed data analysis and allows site photos and GPS coordinates to be organized in a central location. The Android app has a built-in workflow for groundwater and low-flow sampling events, and it can be paired to a tablet for input via barcode scanner. In-Situ Inc.

Portable USV

Z-Boat 1250 is a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat with a collapsible sliding crossbar and streamlined design with no rudder or steering linkages. It is rated to survey in streams, rivers and lakes, as well as mining pits, tailing ponds, construction and inspection zones, dams, reservoirs and harbors. Teledyne Oceanscience.

Expanded Payload Sensor Platform

SBI SeaKite is the ScanFish XL ROTV with PanGeo Subsea’s SBI 3D acoustic SAS capabilities. The combination provides a multisensor towed survey solution as well as an expansion of the ScanFish ROTV system payload from 50 kg to 350 kg. The ROTV measures 4.33 x 2.73 x 2.77 m, weighs 1,840 kg and is neutrally buoyant in water. EIVA a/s.

Dynamic Positioning Systems

Integrated GNSS and inertial technology allows for precise heading determination as well as spoofing detection capabilities. DPS i2 and DPS i4 are fully scalable, and they use a motion gyrocompass and reference unit, allowing users to create operation-specific presentations. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

Man-Overboard Alert System

ALERT418 uses a radio signal to avoid satellite lag and interfaces with chart plotting software so a waypoint can be set upon activation. It can be wired to kill engines and activate external strobes and speakers. It has GPS, a DB-9 serial port and dry contacts. Emerald Marine Products.

Gas Lift Diffusion for Bulk Carriers

Ballast water treatment using inert gas does not require filtering or chemical dosing. The GLD system treats water in voyage to reduce water pH and induce ultrasonic shockwaves to kill problematic organisms in water. Coldharbour Marine Ltd.

Dual Stabilized Beam Sonar

The HD860 sonar has both a narrow beam for long-range scans and a wide beam for detailed information. Bottom-typing reveals hard- and soft-bottom conditions. Active stabilization is provided by a precision electronic gyroscope. WESMAR.

UV-Stable Marine Adhesive

Marine adhesive sealants must survive vibration, swelling and shrinking and apply to bedding on fiberglass hulls, sealing around porthole frames and screw holes for both through-hull and deck hardware. The marine adhesive sealant 4000 UV was developed to maximize UV stability and prevent fading, chalking and cracking. 3M Marine.

Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB)

This system for retrieval of seabed packages can be mounted to any framework on the seafloor. When the acoustic release is activated, the buoy subassembly lifts free and rises to the surface. A synthetic line connects the buoy to the framework of the seabed item and allows for retrieval. DeepWater Buoyancy Inc.

Tiny Sensor Transmitter

The V7TP can measure temperature and/or depth and enables tracking and 3D VPS studies of small animals. It has improved accuracy over the current V9P and offers more range options than the current V7. It is available in high- and low-power options. VEMCO.

Immersed Computer Power

The PT578 integrates programmed digital protection and paralleling circuitry. The 500 W PT578 operates at temperatures from -25 to +70° C. It includes an active PFC and three output protection modes and is designed for convection cooling. Powerbox.

LED Flasher for AUVs and Gliders

Anglerfish is a deep-sea flasher designed to assist vehicle recovery. The 380-lumen LED can be seen from 5 nm. It weighs 30 grams in water, has a power draw of 0.55 W and is available in depth ratings to 2,500 m. Arctic Rays LLC.

Remote-Control UV Technology

Live-view, remote-control technology enables multiple users to operate UUVs and cameras from any Web-enabled device. It can be used with the Endura ROV, Hybrid AUV/ROV and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system. Aquabotix.

GFCI Receptacle

This GFCI duplex receptacle complies with the 2015 UL 943 requirement to automatically monitor circuit functionality every 3 hours or less for protection against electrical shock. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.

Freshwater Generator

The AQUA Blue S-type generator uses existing seawater cooling system pumps to cut electrical power by 70 percent. Alfa Laval Marine Division.


Geomagnetic Biotagging

SeaTag-GEO offers detection of temperature gradients and can also operate as an ocean drifter for studying ocean currents and associated dispersal patterns. The GEO implements new research using Earth’s geomagnetic field to improve position estimates of tracked animals. Desert Star Systems LLC.

Near-Shore Satellite Communications

Speedcast launched its onboard satellite solution to provide nearshore 4G/LTE communications and high-speed access to Internet and corporate VPN connections. GO4SPEED can be configured with services such as VSAT and MSS. Speedcast International Ltd.

Cable Telemetry

The ScanFish cable telemetry kit offers integration of power and communications with subsea equipment deployed using long cables. It is available with or without a subsea pressure bottle and also in a customized version. EIVA a/s.

High Latitude Wave Glider

The next generation Wave Glider features advancements in operational range and performance for missions in high sea states and high latitudes, as well as expanded sensor payloads and increased energy and storage capacity. Liquid Robotics Inc.

Managed Cybersecurity

Fleet Secure is a unified threat management and monitoring service to detect vulnerabilities, respond to threats and protect ships. It detects external attacks via high-speed satellite while also protecting vessel networks from intrusion via infected USB sticks and crew devices connected to the onboard LAN. Inmarsat.

Processor Expansion

The ADLSEC-1710 L-Peripheral board is designed for expansion of the ADLE3800SEC Bay Trail Atom SBC via its Edge-Connect architecture. The combination of the ADLE3800SEC plus ADLSEC-1710 boards provides a complete 3.5-in. SBC solution with features including M.2 PCIe, SATA, DVI/DP/HDMI or USB3.0 and a UPS option. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.

HD Underwater Camera

The Luma-Vu is a high-definition, high-resolution color CCTV camera manufactured with Aqualuma’s corrosion-proof, injection-molded polymer housing. Tides Marine.

Overlaid Chart Software

The latest release of the SonaSoft software has been upgraded to be compatible with S-57 and S-63 charts. Users can overlay data onto these charts using FarSounder’s forward-looking sonar (FLS) system to view real-time 3D sonar data and create historical bathymetric maps. FarSounder Inc.

Shallow-Water Pressure Vessels

SeaCircuit pressure vessel enclosures are available from 1/8- to 24-in. internal diameter. They are made with polyvinyl chloride, which can be used for junction boxes, electrical instrumentation housings, sensor or battery enclosures and chemical or biological containment. Robotic Ocean LLC.

Crew Training Management

Videotel Performance Manager allows access to crew training records from any Web-enabled device. The dashboard provides interactive, dynamically rendered reports and data about crew performance, skill levels, strengths, weaknesses and training schedules. KVH Industries Inc.

Chirp-Ready Transducers

Designed for fiberglass hulls, these transducers can be installed without drilling holes and accommodate hull deadrise angles up to 22º. Models range from 300 W to 1.5 kHz with a base installed inside the hull and filled with eco-friendly liquid that allows the transducer to transmit through fiberglass. AIRMAR Technology Corp.

Expandable Tubular Technology

The OnePatch system can be deployed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe and is packaged in a 30-ft. patch. It is able to seal perforations or repair leaking casing while providing a large production conduit to bring a well back online. Mohawk Energy.

Geocoder Toolbox

The Fledermaus Geocoder Toolbox (FMGT) is improved for multispectral backscatter processing with corrections for transmission and receiver frequency response; creation of pseudo-tiffs from frequency mosaic layers; and the ability to export a frequency with corrected backscatter as ASCII text files. QPS bv.

Rugged iPhone X Cases

Pelican Shield for the Apple iPhone X includes reinforced corners, and the DuPont Kevlar case construction is stronger than steel wiring, providing drop protection that is three times more than military testing standards. Pelican Products Inc.

Fluorometric Monitoring

The V-Lux multiparameter fluorometer provides in-situ detection of algae, aromatic hydrocarbons or tryptophan-like fluorescence. It includes three fluorescence channels as well as absorption, turbidity and temperature channels. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.

Aquaculture Inspections

SeaDrone Inspector 2.0 version is a sub-6 kg underwater vehicle capable of tackling 1.5-kt. ocean currents using its omnidirectional drag design and high thruster-to-weight ratio with increased top speed, vehicle stability and extra battery packs. SeaDrone Inc.

Polyurethane Underwater Camera

The LUXUS compact PUR-molded camera and LED light are depth-rated to 200 m. The camera features a fixed focal length and the LED comes with a 0.6-m open-end cable or terminated with a SubConn or other customer-specified connector. MacArtney A/S.

Text Messaging for Divers

Seatooth SWiCOM is a wireless personal area network that provides text communications between divers. The upgraded system increases range from 5 m to 9 m with an improved user interface. WFS Technologies Ltd.

Multifrequency Smart Antennas

The S321+ and C321+ smart antennas support 394 channels and simultaneously track all satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS. They come standard with two long-life lithium batteries that provide up to 12 hours of operation and are hot-swappable. Hemisphere GNSS.