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Registration is Open for the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop
  This three-day workshop held October 15-18, 2017 at Catamaran Resort in San Diego, California is preceded by a full
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New Ocean Technology Group Promises a Fresh Voice on Capitol Hill
The International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) officially launched Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. Located in Washington, D.C., IOSTIA
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USGS Installs Sensors to Gain Data from Irma
The U.S. Geological Survey is installing storm-tide sensors today in the Florida Keys to assist with data collection as Hurricane
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Hurricane Watch: Irma Approaching Virgin Islands
The National Hurricane Center has issued a public advisory stating that Hurricane Irma will move over portions of the Virgin
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Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber

The Uni-Heal 2200 (HBO) is a well-engineered hyperbaric medical treatment facility. The treatment chamber is equipped with flat end walls and rectangular doors for easy entrance of patients with wheelchairs and stretchers. The decompression chamber and all support systems are designed to a 50msw depth rating. The chamber approval is according to ASME VIII DIV.1 PVHO-1 (U.S.A. Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) or if requested the pressure vessels can also be built in compliance with European 97-23 EC and 93-42 EEC. Further accreditation also includes ISO 13485 and DNV GL.

The chamber is provided with water deluge systems, in compliance with the NFPA-99 or EC guidelines as applicable. Overall chamber certification for Europe is EC97-43. The standard chamber can accommodate up to 6 patients seated in the main chamber and 2 patients seated in the entry chamber. This can be modified to meet customer’s specifications.

A manual control panel is supplied as standard. The control panel includes a data recorder for monitoring all critical parameters of the chamber such as pressure, time, temperature, relative humidity, oxygen and CO2 %. A PLC control system can be provided as an option. Unique Group.

Autonomous Profiling Winch

The RBRglissando winch enables automated profiling of CTD and sound velocity sensors for small boats and ASVs. It is capable of 200m profiles at a descent rate of 1m/s and requires no user attention. The vertical profile data is automatically uploaded to the winch controller via Wi-Fi and tagged with a GPS position and telemetered directly via Iridium or GSM, or passed to the vehicle controller.

The winch is accessed via Wi-Fi, USB, serial, or Ethernet. Configurable profiling parameters include depth, speed, and repeat interval. Archived profile data can be viewed using phones, tablets, or laptops. The winch can hold 200m of high-strength 1.8mm Dyneema line and is fully waterproof to IP68 standards. GSM and Iridium telemetry options are available for complete autonomous and remote operation.The instrument is continuously charged inductively when not profiling. RBR Ltd.


NemoSens is a compact autonomous underwater vehicle designed for applications in the fields of Industry and Science. Small (less than 1 m long) and easy to carry and launch (less than 20 lb., including payload), NemoSens can host any payload, be it a CTD probe, side scan sonar or other sensors. 

A system of acoustic communication manages the control of its
real-time positioning. Thanks to an open LINUX architecture, it can be programmed from a ROS or MOOS interface. This extends mission coverage with swarm technology and the possibility to deploy multiple AUVs. RTsys.

Digital Pressure Gauge

Crystal XP2i has an ultralow-power (ULP) mode through the optional DataLoggerXP firmware upgrade for long-term pressure data recording. By using the ULP mode and an extended logging interval of one reading every 17 min., the XP2i with the optional DataLoggerXP upgrade will last more than one year. AMETEK STC.

Two-Way Monitoring and Control

Star2M enables remote monitoring and whole-of-life asset management for fixed and floating marine assets in ports and harbors. This platform provides secure connectivity and diagnostic information to receive battery status, asset location, remote control configuration and alarms. Sealite Pty. Ltd.

Energy Storage System

Corvus Blue Whale is suitable for cruise ships, Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro. It is ideal for applications that require low charge/discharge rate combined with very high energy demand. Corvus Energy.

Digitalization Infrastructure

Vessel Insight is a subscription-based service that enables customers to cost-efficiently capture and aggregate quality data from their assets and securely transfer them to the cloud. Through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers can access applications and services that can turn their data into business value. Kongsberg.

Internet of Things Connectivity

KVH Watch is a connectivity solution for remote equipment monitoring and intervention by maritime equipment manufacturers and Internet of Things (IoT) application providers. Manufacturers can act in real time, minimizing expensive service calls and ensuring that their equipment is performing at its peak. KVH Industries Inc.

Decision-Support Tool

Bridge Operational Quality Assurance (BOQA) is a scalable cloud-based event-reporting, analysis and feedback solution that is integrated with the DanelecConnect shipboard IoT platform. It provides automatic recording and transmission of data from ship navigation systems and sensors through the DanelecConnect hub to shore offices and uses analytical tools to identify deviations from operational parameters. Danelec Marine A/S.

Route Optimization

NaviPlanner BVS and NaviUpdate are new versions of BVS. NaviPlanner BVS simplifies the process of planning and optimizing a route, obtaining the appropriate charts and creating a voyage plan without switching between products. NaviUpdate connects NaviPlanner securely to the ECDIS for direct transfer of routes and charts. StormGeo.

Sea Scooter

MagicJet has three water propulsion methods and a GoPro mount. The 15.2 x 14.2 x 7.2-in. design features an ultraquiet 600-W engine powerful enough to pull two adults. Aquarobotman Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Digital Management System

Roxtec Transit Registry enables complete control, documentation and tracking of all transits through the entire life cycle of an asset. It keeps all relevant information on each transit installation on board accessible and up to date and provides instant information on cable and pipe transit status. Roxtec International AB.

Inertial Measurement Unit

The LandMark 005 IMU with low-noise sensors, high-speed VELOX technology and a SWaP-C design is perfect for control and stabilization applications demanding precision performance over a range of rugged environments. Gladiator Technologies.

Engine Performance Software

Offering an easy-access web portal interface, ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT for fleet provides accurate insight into engine performance from fleet to vessel level, with all key indicators available at a glance. ABB Turbocharging.

Lightweight Excavator

The SP2000 ULD is used for shallow-water excavation and shore pull works, including trench maintenance during pull-in operations, post-trenching and backfilling. It is capable of pipeline and cable deburial for inspection, repair and maintenance, seabed preparation, freespan correction and rock dump dispersal. James Fisher Subsea Excavation.


Utilizing a patented buoyancy engine, the MOD2 Glider can carry large payloads through a range of water conditions without manual ballasting or user intervention. Greensea’s OPENSEA platform powers the glider. Exocetus Autonomous Systems.

Offshore Flow Measurement

Adjusta-Cone is an automatic and fully adjustable differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Integra-Cone is a high-pressure nitrogen flow meter. GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd.

Network Security Software

DxConnect enables developers and network administrators to build an integrated ZT connectivity security infrastructure for cloud native applications, hybrid/multi-cloud connectivity and privileged user access without using a VPN. DH2i.

Diver Launch and Recovery

Comprising a hydraulic A-frame, two top-mounted man-riding winches, a two-man stainless-steel dive basket with two independent hydraulic power units and a single electrical control box, the diving LARS is designed for the deployment and recovery of commercial divers. Northern Diver International.