Product Development November 2020

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RF Over Fiber Link

RF Over Fiber Link


Mil-Aero 10 MHz to 6 GHz suits navy applications and multi-service military electronic warfare systems where fiber is an essential replacement to coax. It covers bands from HF, VHF and UHF through to telemetry and satcom bands P, L, S and C. It is ideal for high-bandwidth applications, or where the application has a large range of RF signal powers. ViaLite Communications.

DVL for Micro-Vehicles


Wayfinder provides Doppler navigation capability for micro-vehicles, which are often constrained by stringent size, weight and budget limitations. Measuring just 10 x 10 x 7 cm and weighing 0.51 kg, it suits the industry’s proliferation of increasingly smaller subsea vehicles. Teledyne RD Instruments Inc.

Facilitating Data Transfer


GTReplicate is a cyber-secure solution that automates synchronization of files and data relating to vessel operation with next to no intervention. This cloud-based tool relieves seafarers and shore teams of a growing manual file replication burden. GTMaritime.

Inertial Sensors Firmware Upgrade

Ekinox, Apogee, Navsight and Quanta have the following new features: autonomous trucks motion profiles; real-time heave behavior and accuracy improved in shallow water; data logger with clearer file layout and blackbox mode of operation; Qinertia PPK workflow simplified with INS settings automatically read; and algorithms refined for performance in harsh environments. SBG Systems S.A.S.


Cloud-Based Fleet Management

FUELNET GEN-6 features: new dashboards showing entire fleet performance; new interactive charts, graphs, plots and map views  to expose fuel waste and eradicate pilferage attempts; and significantly improved system performance and processing. FUELTRAX.


Multimetal Corrosion Protection

VpCI devices protect metals by conditioning enclosed environments with corrosion-inhibiting vapor molecules. Molecules are attracted to and adsorb onto metallic surfaces, resulting in the formation of nanofilms, very thin microscopic molecular layers of corrosion protection. Cortec Corp.


Hydrographic Survey Tech

SPAN GNSS+INS technology provides heading, attitude and heave measurements on the open water. This 3D solution powers hydrographic survey applications through extended GNSS outages. It is scalable with multiple different IMUs, the VERIPOS LD900 receiver and Quantum visualization software. NovAtel Inc.


Washwater Filtration

The Oberlin Filtration System is now offered for worldwide marine applications exclusively through CR Ocean Engineering. It will integrate seamlessly with any hybrid/closed-loop scrubber system supplied by CROE. CR Ocean Engineering LLC and Oberlin Filter Co.


IHM Maintenance Dashboard

This “3-Way Plug & Play” dashboard ensures efficient and continuous maintenance of inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) reports. The digital system ensures the IHM can be updated accurately, effectively and in real time to comply with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) deadline of December 31, 2020, as well as ongoing maintenance requirements. Verifavia Shipping.


Starters and Alternators

Validation testing for all products includes endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration, salt spray and thermal shock. Every starter and alternator comes with extensive coverage and a warranty rate reduction through extended field life of new units. WAI Global.


Subsea Survey Sensors

Ideal for ROVs and AUVs, the miniIPS2 and uvSVX each have a field-swappable sensor head, so users can select the pressure range for increased accuracy at any depth. This eliminates the need for different instruments for shallow- and deepwater. Valeport Ltd.


Underwater Welding Electrode

Low carbon steel ProTouch offers all-position welding capabilities. It is available in 1/8-in.-diameter, 14-in.-long electrodes and sold in 8-lb. tubes; approximately 95 per tube. Broco Rankin.


Underwater Hydraulic Tool

A new ROV-based service provides complete hull-coating inspections while a vessel is at port or anchorage. The service is being rolled out at key ports across Asia-Pacific and will be extended to key maritime hubs worldwide in the near future. Hempel A/S.


Determining Commercial Viability

CHASMAI is a tool that provides a clear indication of the potential commercial viability of early-stage technology in the subsea industry for both innovators and investors. It helps identify exactly where pioneering companies should focus their efforts. National Subsea Research Institute.


Microgrid in a Box

CanPower can add energy storage to virtually any vessel, without the need for complex design and build times, with the highest energy density currently available. Energy storage reduces greenhouse and other polluting emissions. Sterling PBES Energy Solutions Ltd.


Digitizing Trade Finance

CargoDocs has been integrated with Temenos Transact banking software to enable the digitization of shipping and trade documents, including electronic signing and transfer of original title documents, such as bills of lading. essDOCS and Temenos AG.


Rugged Laptop

Durabook Z14I can handle data-intensive tasks at speed. It has been built to withstand the harshest of environments, with military-grade rugged connectors. Users can customize the laptop to their needs. Durabook Americas.


Web-Based Fleet Management

FleetManager 4.0 offers visibility and comparison of recommended route(s) against the master’s intended route(s). It also provides 17 new types of weather forecast data (“layers”) that can be overlaid on the display. C-MAP.


Catamaran-Style USV with GPS

H-1750 features stability and endurance for surveys, harbor inspections and port security. The 1.75-m USV is autonomous mission-ready. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.