Product Development



Updated AUV


The General Dynamics Bluefin™-12 is a lightweight medium-class unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) designed to deliver mission critical data and complete high-consequence and changing missions.

It uses shared Bluefin Robotics’ core capabilities, increased mission modularity and embedded intelligence to complete long-endurance, high-consequence and changing missions. The base Bluefin-12’s extended modularity supports the integration of user-designated sensors and payloads.

It can also be configured as a turnkey system enabling integrated survey capabilities including high-resolution sonar, environmental sensing, powerful on-board data processing and highly accurate navigation.

Vessel with Autonomous Option


Offering advanced capabilities such as active control and collision avoidance, the Sharktech 29 Defiant welded-aluminum monohull pilothouse vessel allows for traditionally manned, reduced crew or unmanned autonomous operations to deliver “human-in-the-loop” navigation during both line-of-sight and over-the-horizon operations.

Advanced mission planning and situational awareness capabilities round out the autonomous package. Routine software updates allow for system enhancements as additional refinements are made. Metal Shark and Sea Machines Ltd.



Using the Box-Corer T-Bar system with T-Bar Cones enables fast and accurate assessment of recovered sub-sea soil samples while still in the Box-Corer.

For exclusive in-field seabed strength profiling of box core samples, this T-bar measures the resistance of sediment to continuous penetration at a slow steady rate using a cylindrical rod (T-bar) at the end of a perpendicular push rod or thruster. It is small enough to fit atop a box corer sample box to allow for on-site sampling on the back of a vessel.

Helical Antennas

The expanded helical antenna family now extends beyond dual-band GNSS and Iridium support to include single and triple GNSS frequency bands. This family of products now also features: a single-frequency HC771; dual-frequency (plus L-band corrections) HC882; and a triple-band (plus L-band corrections) HC975. Tallysman Wireless Inc.

Wireless Internet Booster

Stream uses Shakespeare’s marine cellular-booster technology to amplify weak cell signals along inshore, coastal and popular cruising routes, enabling boaters to use data on their cellular devices more reliably by placing the devices within 1 to 2 in. of the black helm antenna. Shakespeare Marine.

Center-of-Gravity Software

Insight is designed for use with large-capacity load cells, and it allows users to quickly report weight and center of gravity wirelessly before the lift when moving heavy items, for example, jackets, topsides, skids and other support structures offshore. Straightpoint UK Ltd.

Camera Housings

Designed for the Sony RX100 III/IV/V/VA cameras, the FRX100 VA vacuum housing includes an integrated Hybrid Vacuum Safety System, with a pre-dive vacuum check and on-dive leak detector. The FRX100 VA M16 housing features an M16 port for the separate Hybrid Vacuum Safety System. Fantasea Line Inc.

Tool-Chain Connection

Connecting Orca3D (a Rhino3D plug-in for naval architectural design) and NavCad (for hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation), the new capability allows Orca3D to launch NavCad with relevant hull data and defined performance once a hull-form design has been developed. HydroComp Inc. and Orca3D LLC.

Linear Position Sensor

Broadening the field of view to up to 120°, the series of forward-looking sonars in both the 100- and 200-m-range modes enables users to see more of the environment around the ship, helping avoid obstacles such as icebergs, reefs, large whales or other floating objects. FarSounder Inc.

FPSO Workboat

Sized and equipped for line and hose handling in offshore waters, this 9.5-m ProZero boat is built from robust glass- and carbon-fiber composites, which reduces the weight of the boat, thereby allowing better speeds and lower fuel consumption. Tuco Marine Group.

Modular Spreader Beams

With improved integrity, the beams can now withstand pressures down to 150-m depth. They are available in a series of four: MOD 70, MOD 110, MOD 250 and MOD 400, with three applications per product: 50, 100 and 150 m. Modulift UK Ltd.

Construction Positioning Software

Enabling contractors to conduct pre-/post-construction hydrographic surveys, the software includes single-beam echosounder acquisition, data editing and dredge-volume calculations. It supports subscription electronic charts, open-source charts and AIS for improved safety and navigation in congested waterways. Trimble Marine Construction.

Towed-Array Sonar

Complementing the BlackFish HMS (hull-mounted sonar) system, the SwordFish can be used at various sea depths for different mission types. The SwordFish connects to the vessel’s stern via a light winch. It is suitable for frigates, corvettes, OPVs and small vessels such as fast patrol crafts. DSIT Solutions Ltd.

VSAT Antenna System

The world’s first Ku- to Ka-band-convertible 85-cm VSAT displays RF capabilities well on par with larger, heavier and more costly VSAT antenna system alternatives. The v85NX is a viable alternative to 1-m VSAT systems, with better link capabilities than current 80-cm antenna systems. Intellian Ltd.

USV Update

Featuring new advancements to shoreside operations and in-water performance, the latest version of the Wave Glider has a six-fold increase in computing power, higher power solar panels, simplified pre-launch operations and a more ruggedized platform. Liquid Robotics Inc.

Engine-Cooling Pump

Crank-mounted, the JPR-CP25UH replaces a wide range of OEM and aftermarket models. It is designed to deliver massive flow and fits engine brands such as Crusader, Ford, GM, Indmar, Marine Power, PCM and Volvo Penta. JMP Corp.

Firmware Update

For the Ellipse product line, this update includes: body-velocity and slip-angle outputs, DVL support and a new magnetic-calibration algorithm. Novel features are geared toward autonomy. SBG Systems.

Downhole Safety Valve

As an improved well-control solution for cable-deployed electric submersible pumps retrofitted to production wells, the valve will enable on- and offshore installations to meet all safety regulations while improving the operational footprint at the well site during installation and retrieval by reducing time, cost, personnel and risk. Pragma Well Technology Ltd.