Product Development 1020



Portable Communications Kit


Weighing approximately 20 kg, the lightweight kit is simple to operate and offers fast mobility by forces in the field, helping to prevent their exposure to hostile elements. The single-pack kit enables communication by small ground units with a range of platforms, including unmanned systems with line-of-sight of up to 45 km, loitering munition, and OPVs within 15 km of the shoreline. Commtact Ltd.

LED Light


SeaStar is a compact, high-powered and lightweight LED light that delivers 10,000 lumens output with full-range dimming capability. The SeaStar is completely field serviceable and available with flood or spot reflector options. It is depth-rated to 6,000 m. Remote Ocean Systems.

Marine Engine


Cat C32B 2000 HP (2025 MHP) has a rated engine speed of 2,300 rpm. This engine meets emerging market demands and expands the power capability of the C32 high-performance product line, delivering a 5 percent power increase over existing C32 ratings. Caterpillar Marine.

Bridge Safety Update

eGlobeG2 ECDIS now has DNV GL type-approval revision. In an industry first, eGlobeG2 has been certified compliant with IEC62923-1 and IEC62923-2 standard alert and cluster identifier for bridge alarm management (BAM). ChartWorld GmbH.


Compass for Rough Water

The 4.5” SS-2000 SuperSport Navigator is suitable for offshore harsh conditions. Featuring PowerDamp technology and DirectiveForce magnets, the high-visibility blue card is smooth and quick to respond to course changes. Ritchie Navigation.


FLS for Survey

FarSounder’s Argos forward-looking sonars (FLS) have been integrated into the Qinsy survey software package. Argos sonar users are now able to display their FLS bathymetric data in the Qinsy platform along with other survey data. Quality Positioning Services B.V.


Underwater Imaging

Ivanoff-inspired LiquidOptics is a new feature for SubC’s smart cameras with water correction and a sapphire construction for durability and impact resistance. UltraOptics provides an ultrawide field of view. SubC Imaging.


ROV Management

The REVOLUTION NAV package provides the ability to monitor an ROV’s trail as it moves through the water on a Google Map while allowing waypoints to be set and data to be tracked over time. It also offers autonomous capabilities such as station-holding in current and altitude-holding, and will eventually pave the way to a hybrid autonomous vehicle with waypoint navigation capabilities. Deep Trekker Inc.


Software Update

SonarWiz 7.6.5 is now available, featuring: faster loading of side scan projects; improved color palette displays and options; new SEG-Y option to compute depth from fathometer and altitude; values to shaded relief sliders and other user interface enhancements; and improvements for handling Klein MAX-600 and Norbit WH sensors. Chesapeake Technology Inc.


Coronavirus Containment

IND-HL-HDB-BX55-120V-15C is a powerful UV-C handheld surface sanitizer that disinfects 99 percent of bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus) and other contaminants safely, effectively and fast. This unit operates in the germicidal UV range of 200 to 280 nm (254 nm). Larson Electronics.


Satellite Messenger

SPOT Gen4, the new generation of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, is now available in EMEA. New features include a more detailed mapping interface with more display options, improved product specifications for water resistance, and geofencing capability. Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd.


Turnkey Lay-Up Services

CO2 LP, developed in collaboration with a leading European-based shipowner, simplifies decommissioning and recommissioning procedures by ensuring CO2 low-pressure (LP) firefighting systems are correctly deactivated when ships enter lay-up. Survitec Group Ltd.


Underwater Hydraulic Tool

BHT-2000 Brocuda can be used for grinding, polishing, drilling and cleaning with a variety of wheels, brushes and other attachments. Applications include construction, cleaning of ship hulls and propellers, underwater cutting, salvage, demolition, welding preparation, and cold cutting concrete and steel. Broco Rankin.


Raw Water Engine Cooling Pumps

Replacement pumps for Cummins Onan generators are ISO-9001 certified, with heavy-duty cast bronze bodies and corrosion-resistant fittings, mechanical seals, stainless-steel wear plates and marine-grade nonmagnetic shafts. JMP Marine LLC.


Reservoir Analysis Software

RockProp combines mud log and drilling data with physical properties measured from cuttings to output reservoir parameters. It provides an assessment along vertical or horizontal wellbores that is independent of log models, which can be used to refine 2D and 3D reservoir models, improve geosteering, optimize completion designs and better characterize well potential. Cuttings Alliance.


Sonar Frequency Combo

Ideal for shallow-water USVs and UUVs, the 850- and 1,600-kHz dual-frequency combination provides high-resolution side scan sonar imagery and optional bathymetry at 850 kHz. EdgeTech.


Low-Drag Bionic AUV

PingGuin was developed as part of the MUM (Modifiable Underwater Mothership) collaborative R&D project. It is inspired by the hydrodynamic properties of a penguin’s body. EvoLogics GmbH.