Product Development



Ropeless Fishing System


The EdgeTech 5112 Ropeless Fishing System is designed for the rough-and-tumble handling of shallow water and small boat operations. Expanding the extensive line of reliable acoustic release products and utilising the same proven Push-off Release Transponder (PORT) technology, the EdgeTech system is suited for those applications that require a robust, yet shallow water, acoustic release enabled ropeless fishing package.

The system has been designed from the ground up with fishermens’ input with the intention of alleviating possible whale entanglement and other negative effects of seafloor-to-surface fishing and trap lines. The unit can be deployed in water depths down to 500 metres and handle a load of 225kg while remaining underwater for up to one year (or two years on lithium batteries).

Compact Remote-Survey Vessel


HR Wallingford developed the ARCboat Lite in partnership with end-users and perfected it to meet their exact needs. The vessels can carry a variety of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and other instruments when required.

A smaller version of the ARCboat, the ARCboat Lite weighs only 15 kg and is just 1.3 m long. It can be carried and deployed by a single person and can operate in flows of up to 2.5 m/s, in water as shallow as 22 cm.

Digital Video Recorder


Sensoray’s Model 4067 is an ultracompact HD-SDI DVR optimized for OEM systems. It records to a micro-SD card and includes mic or stereo-line audio inputs and a clock/calendar with battery backup. It captures JPEG snapshots without video interruption.

Man-Portable Multibeam Package

PicoPOD is suitable for USVs and small vessels to survey ports, harbors, tidal barriers, bridge footings, dams and reservoirs. It has a very simple mechanical interface and is supported by industry-standard acquisition and processing software. Picotech Ltd.

Noncontact Oil-Spill Monitoring

Providing spill-monitoring data and alarms directly to internet-enabled devices from any location with GSM/GPRS or satellite coverage, the system can be moored to floating buoy platforms or fixed stations in shallow waters. Individual sensors can be networked together to cover multiple locations. Ocean Scientific International Ltd.

Electric Work-Class Vehicle

A light, heavy-duty ROV, the Phantom X8 features deep-sea maneuverability and power. It has high-definition (1080 p) front (+/-90°) (pan optional) and rear (low-light) cameras. Deep Ocean Engineering Inc.

Sound-Speed Profiler

Upgraded to provide enhanced versatility and deployment, the SWiFT SVP delivers high-accuracy sound velocity, pressure, temperature, salinity and density measurement, with Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and an integral GPS module to geolocate each profile. Valeport Ltd.

Automated Fiber Placement

AFP is an additive manufacturing method to create advanced-composite structures using continuous-fiber tape. Advanced composites are ideal for applications in oil and gas that require weight reduction and environmental resistance. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Linear Position Sensor

Ideal for use in remote, hard-to-reach and difficult locations where sensor replacement would result in high costs and downtime, LVDT sensors are constructed from materials that can survive indefinitely in corrosive subsea applications where service life requirements are typically 20 years. NewTek Sensor Solutions.

Inertial Measurement Unit

Combining low-noise, high-range sensors and VELOX high-speed output, the LandMark 007 IMU measures only 0.7 in3. It has rate ranges up to 2,000°/s and acceleration ranges as high as 200 g. Gladiator Technologies.

North Sea Inspection Tool

Advanced Inspection Data Analytics (AIDA) could save companies upward of 20 percent a year in inspection costs per asset. AIDA processes reams of legacy data attached to mature North Sea assets to give reliable, trendable and actionable information. AIDA’s models and algorithms determine threat levels, predict imminent failures and provide accurate corrosion and remaining-life assessments. IMRANDD.

Heavy-Duty LED Floodlight

HypaLUME shines 28,000 lumens of daylight-white light using only 300 W, providing commercial mariners and terminal operators a secure, well-lit working area without the eye strain and fatigue common with older tungsten or quartz-halogen technologies. It comes in close-range, long-range and extra-wide versions. Hella marine.

8-Ft. VHF Antenna

With a frequency range of 156/162 MHz, the RA1225HP collinear-phased antenna has a gain average of 6 dB, maximum input power of 100 W and 50 ohms impedance. Vertically polarized to minimize signal reflection on the water, it’s ideal for inland, coastal and offshore vessels. Glomex Marine Antennas USA Corp.

Work-Class ROV

The Quantum/EV has electric-drive technology, a high-power 25-kW electric-thrust system, a new long-distance DC-transmission solution and locally managed DC power system. SMD.

Offshore Cable

RADOX OFL can cope with a smaller bend radius to save space by up to 70 percent and weight by up to 60 percent. It is ideal for monitoring and control, as well as sensor applications on offshore platforms. HUBER+SUHNER.

LiDAR Solutions

The CL-360 is a new compact LiDAR, and the CL-90 has higher point density and long-range performance. For airborne LiDAR, a new model has been released based on the popular Galaxy platform. Designed for permanent monitoring applications, the new TLS M3 combines the measurement efficiency of the tripod-based LiDAR system with a complete internal sensor package and API software. Teledyne Optech.

Electro-Optics Suite

Comprising the TORNADO-ER and the SPEED-ER systems, the EO suite provides a panoramic infrared image, automatic detection of moving maritime targets, multi-target tracking and long-range observation to explore targets. The suite is controlled by a dedicated C2 system, a man-machine interface that includes intuitive panoramic imagery, maps, enlarged images and observation videos. CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.

Rescue Strobe

Compact and water-activated, Life Light attaches to any PFD or life raft. It is U.S. Coast Guard approved, provides 300 hr. of full brightness and is visible for over 2 mi. Ritchie Navigation.

Man Overboard Alert

The Multi-Sensor Offshore Safety System helps to reduce the loss of lives at sea with advanced integrated sensor technology to detect any person falling overboard in real time. It immediately alarms the crew in such an event. SOS Ltd.