Product Development



Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber

The Uni-Heal 2200 (HBO) is a well-engineered hyperbaric medical treatment facility. The treatment chamber is equipped with flat end walls and rectangular doors for easy entrance of patients with wheelchairs and stretchers. The decompression chamber and all support systems are designed to a 50msw depth rating. The chamber approval is according to ASME VIII DIV.1 PVHO-1 (U.S.A. Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) or if requested the pressure vessels can also be built in compliance with European 97-23 EC and 93-42 EEC. Further accreditation also includes ISO 13485 and DNV GL.

The chamber is provided with water deluge systems, in compliance with the NFPA-99 or EC guidelines as applicable. Overall chamber certification for Europe is EC97-43. The standard chamber can accommodate up to 6 patients seated in the main chamber and 2 patients seated in the entry chamber. This can be modified to meet customer’s specifications.

A manual control panel is supplied as standard. The control panel includes a data recorder for monitoring all critical parameters of the chamber such as pressure, time, temperature, relative humidity, oxygen and CO2 %. A PLC control system can be provided as an option. Unique Group.

Autonomous Profiling Winch

The RBRglissando winch enables automated profiling of CTD and sound velocity sensors for small boats and ASVs. It is capable of 200m profiles at a descent rate of 1m/s and requires no user attention. The vertical profile data is automatically uploaded to the winch controller via Wi-Fi and tagged with a GPS position and telemetered directly via Iridium or GSM, or passed to the vehicle controller.

The winch is accessed via Wi-Fi, USB, serial, or Ethernet. Configurable profiling parameters include depth, speed, and repeat interval. Archived profile data can be viewed using phones, tablets, or laptops. The winch can hold 200m of high-strength 1.8mm Dyneema line and is fully waterproof to IP68 standards. GSM and Iridium telemetry options are available for complete autonomous and remote operation.The instrument is continuously charged inductively when not profiling. RBR Ltd.


NemoSens is a compact autonomous underwater vehicle designed for applications in the fields of Industry and Science. Small (less than 1 m long) and easy to carry and launch (less than 20 lb., including payload), NemoSens can host any payload, be it a CTD probe, side scan sonar or other sensors. 

A system of acoustic communication manages the control of its
real-time positioning. Thanks to an open LINUX architecture, it can be programmed from a ROS or MOOS interface. This extends mission coverage with swarm technology and the possibility to deploy multiple AUVs. RTsys.

Anti-Fouling Coating

Containing the barnacle-repellent active agent Selektope, SEA PREMIER 3000 PLUS is a self-polishing coating based on silyl polymer technology. It delivers excellent slime and algal resistance with the combined power of Selektope and cuprous oxide for superior hard-fouling prevention. Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd.

Software Update

Pertaining to NavNet TZtouch2, this update enables the use of the popular CMOR seafloor maps, with bathymetric bottom images that help navigators identify suitable locations for fishing and diving, overlaid on top of NavNet’s conventional vector, raster or fishing charts. Furuno USA.

Hydrographic Support

Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) 4.0 supports the new S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model. Users of HPD 4.0 will be able to augment their existing production environment to support both the S-101 and S-57 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) production from the same source database. Teledyne CARIS.

DNA-Based Monitoring

GeneCount comprises DNA-based monitoring tools that complement ATP measurement kits. While ATP kits determine total micro-organism quantity and can confirm water treatment efficacy, GeneCount reveals the specific species found and what these organisms are doing. LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

GPS/INS Antenna Receiver

This single-antenna receiver enables robust centimeter positioning and 3D attitude (heading, roll, pitch) while keeping weight and power consumption to a minimum. Positioning is based on multifrequency, multiconstellation GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS) technology. Septentrio N.V.

Underwater Bonding

Whether below the waterline or undercarriage, Fix15 delivers massive holding strength. The adhesive sealant bonds underwater and is paintable. Fix15 uses an MS polymer base and is suitable for sheet, carbon and stainless steel; aluminum; fiberglass; composite; glass; non-oily wood; mirrors; PVC; rubber; and PU foam. FixTech LLC.

Cloud-Based Software

The a3 Agency System reduces paperwork and streamlines workflows across a ship-agency business. Simplifying the management of documentation and actions required in port calls into a unified system reduces administrative overheads and enhances service quality. Wallem Group Ltd.

Smaller ROV

Half the size of the Outland ROV-1000, the ROV-500’s smaller frame allows for access into smaller spaces while maintaining a high thrust-to-weight ratio. The hand controller includes depth, heading (compass or gyro), cruise controls and altimeter depth control. Outland Technology Inc.


An analog compass comes in handy when there’s no power. The HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial displays an actual heading. The polished dome has 45° lubber lines for easy reference. Integrated compensators adjust for deviation. Ritchie Navigation.

Virtual-Reality Training

“Wall Wash Test – Protecting Your Cargo” trains ship operators to avoid potential claims that could amount up to millions of pounds due to cargo damage caused by insufficient tank cleaning on board chemical tankers. The user gets a 360° simulation with haptic motion controllers. Videotel Marine International.

Small GPS Tracker

Ready to use out of the box, the Spytrack Nano is an ideal solution for tracking portable assets in the shipping industry. It can be set to report its location up to every 15 to 30 sec. Rewire Security.

Climbing Robots

Capable of remote operation, these robots can inspect and clean hulls, remove coatings and marine growth, perform spot repairs, and deploy a welding head for remote welding. They are made of DragonPlate carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic components. International Climbing Machines.

Water-Quality Monitoring

The FlowCam 5000 is ideal for general and process-specific monitoring applications. It is also a suitable tool for aquatic research and educational institutions. Using flow-imaging microscopy, the FlowCam 5000 provides digital images that allow for rapid count and measurement of organisms in a liquid sample. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.

INS with DVL

TOGSNAV has three model options: 0.1°, 0.3° and 0.5°. It comes with 4,000-m-rated housing; 600- or 300-kHz DVL; and a single ROV connection, plus connections for sensor inputs. Teledyne TSS Ltd.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaner

Bio-based Safe-T-Solve is a fast-acting, industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser that can be used on all surfaces. It’s strong enough to use in a parts cleaning system and has no harmful volatile organic compounds. Iosso Products.

Rack-Mount Computers

The industrial-grade RM-1200 series offers redundant power and dual PCIe x8 expansion in a <400-mm 1U enclosure. It is powered by the latest-generation (8 core) Intel Core (RM-1200-CL) and Xeon E series (RM-1200-XE) processors. Steatite Ltd.