Product Development 0820



Flaw Detector

M2M Mantis


M2M MantisTM is a robust and lightweight flaw detector offering UT, PAUT, TOFD, and TFM through the streamlined user interface called CaptureTM. It features a resistive touch screen technology (glove compatible, not dust/water sensitive) and a high storage capacity.

Ideal for applications such as high-speed corrosion mapping, butt weld and long seam weld inspections. It is compatible with existing phased array probes (linear, dual linear, and dual matrix array) and existing scanners (up to three encoder axis)

The M2M Mantis is ideal for applications such as high-speed corrosion mapping, butt weld and long seam weld inspections. Eddyfi Technologies Inc.

Real-Time Measurement

Internet Enabled Universal Input Logger


The WebDAQ 904 is a stand-alone, universal data logger designed for remote monitoring and control of multiple signal types.

It features four, simultaneous universal analog inputs, capable of measuring voltage (up to ±60 V), thermocouples, RTDs, current, resistance, strain gages and other bridge-based sensors. Memory options include internal 3GB, optional SD card, and USB slots.

Users can log and view data in real time from anywhere on an internet-enabled device. Measurement Computing Corp.

Waterproof HDMI Cable

MilesTek HDMI cable


MilesTek presents a new series of waterproof HDMI cable assemblies for use in industrial computing, factory automation, outdoor digital signage, medical and harsh environment A/V applications.

They include a waterproof coupler and gold-plated contacts that stand up to repeated mating cycles at operating temperatures of -24° to +85° C. Lanyard-attached dust caps on each connector is designed to keep debris out of the connector while not in use.

An IP67-rated HDMI panel-mount coupler can be used with these cable assemblies. MilesTek.

Remote Performance Evaluation

ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT now has a continuous evaluation function that allows the software to use engine data gathered by edge-computing services, which enhances Tekomar XPERT’s monitoring, reporting and advisory capabilities. ABB Turbocharging.

Voyage Planning

MyFleet is the shipping industry’s first free-of-charge, cloud-based tool for due diligence on voyage planning. It is an easy-to-use web-based tool designed to support onshore teams to check and assess risk in a ship’s voyage plan. ChartWorld GmbH.

Multiparameter Monitoring

Sea@dvanced Sound is a real-time service using a solar-powered buoy to record underwater sound with up to four hydrophones. It can host optional sensors such as a CTD, current meter or weather station. Applications include marine mammal monitoring and long-term water quality studies. SUEZ and RTSYS.

Scrubber for Small Vessels

PureSOx Express makes it simple for smaller vessels like handymax bulkers or product tankers to continue using HFO and comply with SOx regulations. It is an open-loop PureSOx system, delivered as a fully enclosed module. Alfa Laval AB.

Pan and Tilt Positioner

Accu-positioner features a reliable and rugged design and computer-controlled accuracy to +/- 0.1°. It is controlled with COTS controllers, devices and ROS GUI, and is depth-rated to 6,000 m. Remote Ocean Systems.

New Laser Wavelengths

Models SB10 and SB20 Sea Beam Laser Scalers now feature the laser colors red for minimum biologic awareness; green for greater brightness in turbid water; and blue for long-distance penetration in clear water. Sea Beams are waterproof to over 600 ft. Laser Tools Co. Inc.

Sustainable Mooring

Seafloatech Pod is an environmentally friendly seabed-to-surface mooring system that can be adapted to any marine environment. It comprises a singular fixed mast articulated at its base and a hydraulic piston that allows the upper part to swing in line with the swell of the ocean. Seafloatech.


Iver4 580 features advanced mission capability in a portable package, with hot-swappable battery sections that can be changed in the field without any special tools. A full suite of sensors and small mission footprint make it ideal for commercial and defense survey missions. L3Harris Technologies.

Benchmarking Application

Vessel Insight Benchmark introduces a new data-driven approach for gaining insight into historical vessel performance, enabling fleet managers and maritime executives to access key metrics for their vessels and compare them against vessels in the same segment. Kongsberg Digital.

At-Sea Connectivity

Smaller vessels, like those used in fishing industry, can have easy access to connectivity with Thuraya MarineStar. This terminal with built-in handset and small antenna operates using Thuraya’s extensive satellite network, providing dependable voice communications. IEC Telecom Group.

Cleaner Engine Tech

Intelligent Control by Exhaust Recycling (iCER) is the first development to be introduced as part of X-DF2.0, a second-generation dual-fuel engine platform that will enable improved engine performance with both LNG and future carbon-neutral fuels. The iCER system delivers enhanced combustion control that reduces methane slip emissions by up to 50% when using LNG. Fuel consumption is reduced by 3% in gas mode and 5% in diesel mode. Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd.

VSAT Internet-of-Things Service

Remote Expert Intervention is a satellite-optimized video collaboration application to enable on-demand high-throughput remote support sessions between vessels at sea and experts onshore. Maritime equipment manufacturers can give real-time guidance to onboard crew for troubleshooting, repair and identification of necessary replacement parts. KVH Industries Inc.

Disease Control, Prevention

My Care assesses, manages and mitigates infection risk in management systems, business processes and operations. It incorporates local regulations and guidelines for any vessel or terminal. DNV GL.

Deepwater Camera System

Dropcam weighs less than 50 kg and is a user-configurable autonomous platform with cameras (full HD, 4K or even higher resolution), high-performance LED cluster lighting systems, rechargeable batteries, control electronics and multiple sensors. It is depth-rated to 2,500 m. Mariscope Meerestechnik.

Portable Fluorometry System

LabSTAF monitors phytoplankton for measurements in extreme oligotrophic waters, open oceans, coastal waters and lakes. This automated platform runs continuous fluorescence light curves. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.

Remote Sensing, Data Control

Compressed Remote Command and Control works with bandwidths of just 6 kbps. Data can be collected offshore and stored on the sensor or topside computer for leak detection, static field scans and metrologies. 3D at Depth Inc.