Product Development



ULS-500 PRO Dynamic Underwater Laser Scanner

Oceaneering presented the Oceaneering Freedom ROV and 2G Robotics ULS-500 Pro 6K dynamic laser scanner at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), in Houston, Texas. 2G Robotics recently released a 6,000-m depth-rated version of their ULS 500 Pro dynamic laser scanner, enabling fast, consistent and reliable performance at greater depths. ULS-500 Pro 4K is widely used in the industry, and the new 6K edition has been engineered for clients that require performance at greater depths.

The Freedom ROV resident system makes use of the new ULS-500 Pro 6K dynamic laser scanner from 2G robotics. In autonomous mode, it can scan the seabed, locate and identify features, perform metrologies, navigate according to specified mission plans and upload its data onshore via surface buoy throughout the subsea docking station. The 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 Pro 6K’s provides fast, reliable and cost-effective dynamic laser scanning, playing an important role in ensuring the success of these missions. The system was released at OTC in a cooperation between 2G Robotics and Oceaneering.

Seatooth PipeLogger WFS

Seatooth® PipeLogger MK2 is a retrofit subsea wireless temperature logger/controller for use on XTs, pipelines, risers and manifolds. It measures process temperature without penetration. It is a cost effective alternative to hard wired systems for production or drilling control, flow assurance and asset integrity monitoring and calibration.

“We understand that real-time, operational data is vital for offshore asset owners seeking reliable ways to minimise or predict failure, while also maximising efficiencies and uptime,” Moray Melhuish from WFS said. “This is particularly crucial for those operating in a largely maturing industry that suffers from a lack of connectivity and sensors in extreme conditions.

Teledyne Launches Tasman DVL

Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) announces the launch of its new next-generation Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), the Tasman DVL. The new 600/300 kHz Tasman DVL, with its reduced size, weight and increased range, has been designed with increased accuracy, and an industry first innovative field replaceable phased array transducer design. With increased bottom tracking ranges from 0.15m to 420m, in up to 6,000m water depth, the Tasman represents the most advanced DVL technology available.

“We have set the bar high for this next-generation DVL, and the performance we are seeing from the Tasman actually exceeds our initial design specifications,” says Stephen Apsey, Vice President of Engineering at Teledyne RDI. “We believe that the new features found in this unit, particularly the field swappable transducer, will be game a changer for vehicle manufacturers and rental companies around the globe.”

Measurement and Simulation

A 12-channel benchtop synchro/ LVDT simulation/acquisition module, the P545 is a DSP-based measurement and simulation instrument for synchro, resolver, RVDT- and LVDT-type magnetic rotation and position sensors. It provides 12 independent, isolated i/o channels. Highland Technology Inc.

Side Scan Sonar Software

SonarWiz 7.4 includes more than 80 new features and fixes. Key enhancements include: automated post-processing for side scan data, sub-bottom data aggregation function and improved batch contact import system. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

USV for Chinese Market

Nortek China has introduced an open, low-cost platform to measure water current and direction, with integrated Doppler instrumentation for ocean surveying. The USV has an industrial personal computer as the main operating platform and uses Remote Desktop to communicate with all instruments. Nortek Group.

Maritime Surveillance

The TORNADO-ER, a panoramic IR scanning and automatic maritime target detection and tracking system, was designed for coastal and maritime wide-area surveillance, coastal protection and maritime traffic control, especially in crowded maritime areas. It can track a large number of targets simultaneously in real time. CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.

Digital Video Solution

Eagle Portable enhances the live feed from a camera in any existing SDI video system and suits poor-visibility conditions. It connects between the camera and a monitor or VCR for simple installation and can be controlled remotely through a standard RS232 serial interface with simple text commands. The Eagle Integration kit contains all the necessary parts for simple plug-and-play integration. LYYN AB.

Acoustic Modem Location

There is a new GPS option for the UTS-9000 series Universal Topside Units used to command a line of acoustic modems and releases. Customers can upgrade existing UTS-9400 units, or order this option on new systems. The new feature allows them to survey in, and record, precisely where their acoustic releases and/or modems are deployed using only the topside unit and a dunking transducer. Teledyne Benthos.

Future-Proof Antenna

v150NX is a 1.5-m Ku to Ka convertible VSAT supporting 2.5-GHz wide Ka-band networks and geostationary, medium and low Earth orbit constellations. Intellian Technologies Inc.

Subsea Drilling Winch

The Passive Heave Compensation Winch system is a set of winches that safely provide constant tension through the rated range of motion. It is applicable to any environment where a load experiences resistance to movement due to hydrodynamic drag. Logan Industries International Corp.

Mini Optical Gauge

Part of the FiberLine Intervention (FLI) system, the miniature optical pressure-temperature gauge widens the well surveillance application envelope for FLI, both on and offshore, and offers operators a low-cost and disposable alternative to permanent downhole sensors and more traditional electronic logging devices. Well-SENSE Technology Ltd.

Fiber-Rope Offshore Crane

FibreTrac is able to exploit its full lifting capacity because fiber rope weighs virtually nothing in water, so no additional load is experienced by the crane, regardless of the length of rope, in contrast to steel wire-rope cranes. FibreTrac has a 150-t safe working load capacity and features an advanced rope monitoring and management system. MacGregor.

Camera Housing

FA6500 V2 housing is intended for the Sony a6500 and a6300 mirrorless cameras. V2 features the Fantasea Hybrid Vacuum Safety System, which includes both a pre-dive vacuum check and an on-dive leak detector. Fantasea Line.

Underwater Defense Sonar

PointShield is a portable diver detection sonar for the protection of surface vessels from underwater intrusion and sabotage. AquaShield diver detection sonar provides permanent underwater security for all types of underwater threats. DSIT Solutions Ltd.

GPS Antenna

Connected wirelessly to the ZigBoat system, the ZB211 delivers push notifications on fleet tracking, geofencing, weather forecasts and anchor watch. Glomex Marine Antennas USA Corp.

Marine Nav App

iNavX now provides access to Delius Klasing’s detailed digital charts for European inland waterways and sea charts. iNavX.

Wave-Actuated Profiler

Prawler spans the surface to 500 m and is suitable for the energetic open ocean to low-wave freshwater lakes and reservoirs. It is a low-cost, lightweight alternative to distributed sensors. Deployments of 20 profiles per day for 12 months are possible. McLane Research Laboratories Inc.

Subsea Connectivity

The Hydro Rubber Moulded (HRM) series of subsea connectors come in a range of combinations, sizes and voltages. There are five variants on offer: from bulkheads, attachables and inlines to overmolds and dummy plugs. Hydro Group plc.

Pressure Loggers

The RBRquartz³ Q and RBRquartz³ BPR use the Paros Digiquartz pressure sensor to provide long-term pressure measurements with high stability and resolution. RBR Ltd.