Product Development



Multipurpose USV Platform

The Sounder USV has been configured from the keel upwards to deliver optimal hydroacoustic data quality, efficiency and productivity. Operation of the USV is managed by KONGSBERG’s K-MATE autonomous surface vehicle control system: capable of following survey patterns, autonomously following AUVs or simply tracking a mothership, the K-MATE system has been developed in partnership with FFI, the Defence Research Establishment in Norway. It provides autonomous, supervised and direct control capabilities that are compliant with the latest safety regulations and operational guidance in the USV industry.

Key to the Sounder USV System’s appeal is the fact that it can be put to work with equal effectiveness across a range of applications to suit the requirements of specific market sectors. It can be equipped with a wide selection of Simrad sensors including SX90 and ES80 fishery sonars as well as KONGSBERG EM2040 multibeam echosounders for mapping and HiPAP positioning and communications systems for LBL (long baseline) and AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) support. Other sensors can also be integrated, while rapid payload change can be effected as both the moon pool in the base of the hull and the 19” rack hardware are removable.

ROV-Dedicated Steering Software

EIVA’s NaviSuite Mobula ROV steering software features data fusion from the most advanced sensors with efficiency functions that enable fast inspection of very large assets such as pipelines etc. This 3D data fusion allows for multiple views with maps, imagery, sonar, laser, camera and other data, as well as a range of forward-looking sonar, multibeam sonar, cable/pipe tracker and LiDAR options. 

Future developments will include EIVA’s unique VSLAM algorithm that lets you generate color point clouds and 3D mesh models of the seabed and of subsea structures – just using the single camera on your ROV. By bringing these featires into a package for the mini-ROV segment, it becomes possible to use these for professional inspections.

Simulator Training Software

Providing a standard functionality for any ROV equipment, VMAX  3D ROV simulation system allows accurate simulation of the equipment in a subsea environment and has been successfully used by operators, service companies and engineering firms to run simulations of complex situations in subsea environments.

The system provides an virtual environment for training and evaluation of ROV pilot skills such as tether management, manipulator control and tooling operation, has been updated to integrate with the next generation of eROVs.

Stainless Steel Connectors

TrustLink (MS) series includes stainless steel power and signal connectivity solutions in three shell sizes ranging from four to 37 electrical contacts with male or female insert options within the same metal shell housing. MacArtney A/S.

UAV Inertial Navigation System

Quanta UAV is a low-power INS/GNSS that provides both real-time and post-processing. It has settings for two levels of accuracy and comes with a free year of Qinertia PPK software. SBG Systems S.A.S.

Upgraded Optical Sensors

Hyperion Turbidity is a standalone sensor with nephelometer and OBS readings with a minimum detection level of 0.03 NTU (nephelometer) that can measure turbidity up to 6,000 NTU (OBS). The SWiFTplus fluorometer measures chlorophyll-a, fluorescein, rhodamine or phycocyanin. Valeport Ltd.

Satellite Voice, Data Comms

Orion Edge+ offers flexible data plans for offshore support vessels, tugs and oil and gas contractors. It is powered by Thuraya’s Orion IP broadband and Seastar circuit-switched voice terminal, along with consumption monitoring tools and controlled welfare applications. IEC Telecom Group.

Mirrorless Camera Housing

The FA6400 housing is specifically designed for the Sony a6400 mirrorless camera. It features an ergonomic design offering access to essential camera functions, with professional standards of functionality and durability. Fantasea Line.

Shallow Profiling Vehicle

Prawler collects and transmits sensor data from the surface to 500 m of the water column, traveling the mooring wire using wave-actuated motion. It was originally developed by NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, with deployments including NASA projects to examine the salinity balance in the upper ocean. McLane Research Laboratories Inc.

Wireless Communication Node

LUMA 500ER combines wireless, high-speed and low-latency subsea data transfer. It can beam data at speeds up to 500 kb/s with a 120° angle over 50 m underwater. It has twice the bandwidth and 10 times the range of the previous version. Hydromea SA.

Low-Sulphur Fuel Lubricant

Shell Alexia 40 is a two-stroke engine cylinder oil for use with engines running on 0.5% sulphur content very-low-sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO). It is available for use in Singapore in June 2019 and will be introduced to other main supply ports such as the U.S., China, U.A.E. and the Netherlands before January 2020. Shell Marine Global.

Unmanned Launch & Recovery

The system can launch and recover craft ranging from large, remotely controlled RIBs to autonomous USVs in difficult sea conditions. It can be used with existing davits and has no need for special tools during launching or recovery. H Henriksen AS.

Miniature Accelerometers

Models J356A43/44/45 are small, 0.47-in., ground-isolated, triaxial cube accelerometers with TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet), ideal for modal and structural analysis, electric automotive NVH and package testing. They are available in three ranges, 50/100/500 g, and greatly reduce signal noise. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Voyage Planning Platform

My Route Appraisal (MyRA) digital routing service provides vessels and onshore personnel with an automatically proposed ECDIS-ready voyage plan based on a route network, port databases, bathymetry from ENCs, weather forecasts and the ship model. ChartWorld GmbH.

Ultralow-Power Sensors

C-FLUOR submersible probes are single-wavelength in-situ sensors with a response time of less than 0.6 sec., for detecting in vivo chlorophyll, crude oil, dissolved organic material, blue/green algae, fluorescein and rhodamine dyes, optical brighteners and turbidity. Turner Designs Inc.

Fleet Security System

KeyWatcher Fleet software offers flexible booking workflows to balance usage, ensure vehicle availability, report problems, automatically initiate work on vehicles and generate reports. System alerts track unauthorized activity and expired licenses. KeyWatcher Fleet is networkable and offers API support. Morse Watchmans Inc.