Product Development



Digital Chart System

ChartWorld has announced the launch of its next generation eGlobe G2+ ECDIS. eGlobe G2+ is the world’s first 4K ECDIS, displaying chart data in ultra-high definition, greatly improving ECDIS visibility and safety, route planning capability, and overall situational awareness.

ChartWorld’s larger Ultra High Definition 32′ screen provides crystal-clear chart presentation and touchscreen functionality, while state-of -the-art rugged processors provide industry-leading speed and reliability. eGlobe G2+ functionality is based on ChartWorld’s market-leading eGlobe G2 system – the best combination of usability and intuitive ease of operation. ChartWorld GmbH.

Lifeboat Off-load Hooks

Cranston-Eagle engineers its Off-Load Hooks to open only when all weight is removed and the cable pulled. While the boat is suspended the locking mechanism prevents release. Available in 2–12mt capacities in davit, crane fall, boat roof and open boat configurations, they’re manufactured from 100 percent stainless steel to ensure absolute reliability in the harshest conditions. The APR series are SOLAS certified and USCG approved.

Delta “T” Systems is the exclusive distributor of Cranston-Eagle Marine Off-Load Hooks in the United States, and Central and South America. It warehouses a full line of parts with fast global delivery. It’s authorized to maintain, rebuild, and perform load and dye penetration testing on hooks, and issue recertification documentation. Delta “T” Systems Inc.

Foul-Release Coating

Propspeed has an ultraslick top coat that does not allow marine growth to grip, with a strong chemical and physical bond between the metal substrate, the primer and the top coat. For 20 years now, boat owners and captains worldwide have trusted Propspeed to protect their running gear and deliver the proven performance benefits of more speed, less fuel.

Also available is Lightspeed, — the first transparent foul release coating for underwater lights. “Underwater lights can get all kinds of material and organisms growing on them,” said National Sales Director
James Maitland. “Lightspeed creates a full system that adheres to the lens of the light to prohibit growth.” Oceanmax International Ltd.

CTD Measurement Tool

RBRlegato³ for gliders and AUVs is optimized for flow dynamics and supports passive acoustic monitoring and turbulence studies with silent operation while measuring CTD, salinity and sound velocity. It has optimized flow dynamics, so no pump is necessary to obtain fine structure measurements. RBR Global Ltd.

Updated Software Modules

SonarWiz 7.4 side scan updates include automatic processing and real-time directory monitoring and two new bottom-tracking algorithms designed to work in noisy environments. Chesapeake Technology Inc.

Petroleum Drum Pump

336PF3-S moves 28 oz. of fluid per stroke and comes with a 2-in. IPS fine-thread bung for simple attachment. Its 38-in.-long, 1.5-in. diameter intake hose reaches the bottom of 55-gal. drums. Beckson Marine Inc.

Air Defense Module

SPIMM (self-protection integrated mistral module) is an all-in-one air defense module based on the SIMBAD-RC system and designed to equip ships of all types, particularly those without a combat system such as supply ships. The module consists of an automated naval turret equipped with two missiles and a 360° infrared system. MBDA.

Military Inflatable Boats

Constructed of high-spec Hypalon material to provide increased abrasion and UV resistance, GPM series boats are rugged, robust and lightweight. Survitec Group.

Atmospheric Diving System

HARDSUIT ADS is a one-man, one-atmosphere suit that is depth-rated to 1,200 fsw. It features joint flexibility, hand pod dexterity and the ability to use a variety of conventional diver tools and equipment. Phoenix International Holdings Inc.

Next-Generation Radar

The FAR22X8BB radar series is available in 12-kW or 25-kW X-band, 30-kW S-band, or 250-W solid-state S-band configurations. It has automatic clutter elimination and fast target tracking for up to 10 targets. Signal processing is performed directly in the gearbox, where the analog signal is converted and digitally transmitted to the processor via Ethernet connection, for reduced noise and higher sensitivity. Furuno USA Inc.

Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Gemini 720im is ideal for ROV and AUV navigation, and it has an increased depth rating to 750 m and the same dimensions and weight as the 300-m model. Tritech International Ltd.

Fleet, Facility Security Tools

The KeyWatcher Fleet system tracks unauthorized booking attempts and expired licenses and generates reports and insights. KeyWatcher Touch key management has a desktop fingerprint reader and multiple copies can be used with a single SQL database. Morse Watchmans.

Robotic Inspection Crawler

MaggHD is a miniature magnetic crawler that allows detailed remote visual inspection. It has a 360° continuous tilt camera with full 1080p video and 10x optical zoom. It uses IM3 (Inuktun multimission modular) technology designed to withstand the hazards associated with pressure vessels. Inuktun Services Ltd.

Jump-Starting Power Pack

Weego’s Crankenstein provides 1,200 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 12-V systems and 600 cranking amps and 5,000 peak amps for 24-V systems. It can jump-start vessels over 30 ft. Paris Corp.

Ultraviolet LED

OD-265-003 is a narrow-spectral-output ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UVLED) that features a narrow radiation pattern and total power output up to 0.58 mW. Opto Diode Corp.

Safe Tension Tool

ProTension safety tool eliminates the potential for loss of well control when pulling a tubing string into tension and helps set tubing anchors and other downhole tools in tension. D&L Oil Tools.

Modular Offshore USV

A modular, accession-class USV allows a vessel to increase its base length from 3.5 m to a maximum of 5 m for more payload equipment or endurance. Unmanned Survey Solutions.

Maritime Compliance Service

MCaaS delivers customized sanctions screening that works alongside an existing compliance program to avoid false positives. It extracts hidden or unmatched data, validates against relevant documentation and applies extra scrutiny on problematic data points. The Marcura Group.

Crew Service Package

Crew Xpress includes a managed Wi-Fi solution, leased antenna, business-use data package, automated billing and usage revenue recovery scheme to incentivize ship managers to invest in crew connectivity. Inmarsat.

Subscription Data Service

ABB Ability Wellhead Manager is a cloud-based service based on SCADA. It provides access to data, alarms and call-out notifications. ABB Ltd.