Product Development



Infrastructure Inspection System

SeaDrone Inspector 3comes ready to dive. It is focused on improving the entire user experience from operation to maintenance.

Inspector 3 has inherited what made Inspector 1 and 2 great and matures the performance and design of the vehicle to enable a wider range of user missions. We have designed the vehicle that we would buy and use.

There is a full HD camera with 5000-lumen lights to produce high-resolution footage. The gimbal mechanism in the camera stabilizes the footage. Photos and video can be stored on an iPad. The unit weighs 6.5 kg and can overcome 2.5-kt. currents. The vectored thrusters ensure the Inspector 3 will hold its ground even in the strongest currents. All the electronics are integrated onto a single board. O-Robotix Inc.

Ventilation Control System

The P/T6 Ventilation Control System is designed as a complete engine room ventilation system for use in vessels with an engine space that is well sealed from the interior accommodation spaces and where quiet automatic operation, maximum efficiency and engine room or remote control is preferred.

It automatically synchronizes intake and exhaust fans for optimal engine room airflow. It can interface with the ship’s networked monitoring system, and additional screens are available for remote installation. Moisture Eliminators may be fitted to the intake air openings to remove spray, rain and salt mist.

Aside from the P/T6 maximizing engine performance, it also keeps electrical loads and noise levels at a minimum. Upon engine shut down, the system automatically switches to Quiet Run mode. For maintenance within the engine room at dockside, it can be switched to run in Manual mode to provide abundant ventilation for painting or other tasks. Delta “T” Systems Inc.

Electro Optical Testing Software

The new INFRATEST software allows for the test of visible, NIR and IR cameras, ICCDs, goggles and laser rangefinders, with an unprecedented accuracy.

Wide field-of-view camera parameters such as distortion can be accurately measured with a mirror-based collimator. This innovation also allows to measure resolution and ranges at the edge of FOV. Other unparalleled features on the market; the remote monitoring of the temperature of the blackbodies’ cooling fluid is now possible, and INFRATEST now automatically takes into account the background temperature data, simulated by a secondary background blackbody, into the calculations of key functions such as MRTD. Electro Optical Industries.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Logger

RBRduet³ T.ODO is a compact logger for applications down to 6,000 m. The fast version has a 1-s time constant, and the slow version has a protective layer over the optical foil for long-term moored applications. RBR Global Ltd.

Compact Diver Navigation System

D2 DiNIS is a navigation and imaging system with TriTech Gemini sonar built for military, search and rescue and commercial diver use. It stores georeferenced, time-stamped data on a removable SSD disk drive and allows mosaicked sonar data to overlay on navigation maps. Kenautics Inc.

Particle-Size Measurement Tool

LISST-Horizon performs automated measurement of suspended particle size distribution in flow-through systems on vessels underway. It continuously measures PSD and particle concentration, as well as inherent optical properties, beam attenuation and volume-scattering function. Sequoia Scientific Inc.

Assisted-Docking Technology

Raymarine DockSense is an object-recognition and motion-sensing technology for assisted docking. It uses FLIR machine vision camera technology and video analytics to integrate intelligence from surrounding imagery with the propulsion and steering system for tight docking maneuvers. FLIR Systems Inc.

NOx Control Chemistry

BIONOxSOLVER uses nitrogen dioxide reducing agents to achieve more than 33% greater removal efficiency with a simple addition to caustic. It can be used in a wide range of applications without liberating flammable hydrogen sulfide gas at pH-use conditions. Bionomic Industries Inc.

Shipping Industry Data Exchange

Signal Ocean uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to extract key information from fixture reports, tonnage lists and private market information and combines it with publicly available information and automatic identification systems to provide a single commercial view of the shipping market in real time. Signal Group.

Navigation Light Adapter

A horizontal adapter mounts in an upright or pendant orientation for placement of NaviLED PRO lights in towers or shutter boxes. It increases overall lamp dimensions to better service large vessels up to 164 ft. Hella marine Inc.

Gas Accumulator Valve

Revolution PowerPlus provides a safety barrier during subsea well completion or intervention operations. The valve rapidly cuts any intervention media such as slickline, braided electric cable or coiled tubing and seals the wellbore. Interventek Subsea Engineering Ltd.

Electrical Penetrators

Manned submersible electrical penetrators for depths up to 650 m are for use on diving bell and deck decompression chamber systems. They have an operating window of -40° to 60° C and working voltages of up to 500 V. They are ideal for applications in demanding seawater environments. Hydro Group plc.

Rugged “Phablet”

Nautiz X6 is an ultrarugged phone-plus-tablet for industrial applications. It has dual cameras, an 8-core processor, the Android 8.0 operating system with the MaxGo Android software suite and an IP67 rating. Handheld Group.

Nautical Chart Validation Tool

7Cs Analyzer Version 4.0 is based on S-100 ECDIS Kernel technology and can be used for both validation of S-57 and S-100/S-101 nautical chart products. It is compliant with edition 6.1 of S-58 ENC validation checks and capable of validating S-101 data sets. SevenCs GmbH.

Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters

Thin-film, ultra-narrow bandpass filters optimize the performance of laser-based systems, ideal for use as laser line, laser cleanup or laser excitation filters. They can be customized for CWL at any wavelength from the UV to the mid IR and come in FWHM bandwidths as narrow as 0.1 nm. Alluxa.

Wireless Docking System

Dockmate operates electronically controlled engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winches and horns from anywhere on board with a handheld device. Available in four models: single, twin, twist three-axis joystick and twist IPS. Dockmate Inc.

High-Power DC-DC Converters

A range of high-voltage input DC/DC converters for microgrid, data centers and industrial applications operate with an input voltage range of 180 to 425 V DC and deliver output power levels from 150 to 750 W, with a layout optimized for thermal conduction. Powerbox.

Ultra-HD Bridge Display

An addition to the Series X MVD product line, the 43-in. display screen has 4K panel technology with 3,840 × 2,160-pixel HD display. Flexible inputs allow data display from navigation and automation systems. Hatteland Display AS.

Unmanned Surface Vessel

APACHE 5 has an integrated single- or multibeam echosounder and collects and stores data from multiple sensors in real time. The system can be remotely controlled or autonomous and comes with digital radio and high-resolution wireless video. CHC Navigation Technology.

Ship Design Software

The ShipConstructor R2.1 release allows users to manage welds and correct clashes globally, and work with multiple hulls. Lifting components and vectors can be added directly to model drawings. SSI.