Product Development



Rugged Flood Lights

The RokLUME 380 and RokLUME 280 feature a powerful light engine of up to 7800 and 4400 measured lumens respectively, with the ability to choose from 5 different light distributions including our industry first ZEROGLARE optic. To meet the demands of different weather conditions, RokLUME is available in 2 colour temperatures, including 5,000° Kelvin colour temperature for enhanced colour rendering in normal conditions and 1,800° Kelvin colour temperature for minimal back scatter in fog or snow use. Hella marine Inc.

Modular Chillers for 300’ Ship

A large chiller system always needs to be customized to each boat in order to meet the demands of shipyards, owners, classification societies and national legislation. To cover cooling performances from 500,000 up to 1,500,000 BTU/ h Webasto offers the BlueCool Q-Series.

The BlueCool Q-Series is designed on customer request for super yachts and commercial boats. Its modular concept, the sea water resistant design, it’s robust steel frame, easy serviceability and various more options like tropical versions or MCA electrical boxes make the Q-Series the product fitting to your needs. Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America.

Deep-Sampling Option

McLane Research Laboratories, Inc. announces a new a 7,000m (23,000ft) deep option for WTS-LV samplers. The WTS-LV Deep option is available on the Standard, Dual Filter, and High Capacity WTS-LV models, and can also be retrofit to existing WTS-LV systems

WTS-LV samplers collect a single water sample onto 142mm filter media. The Dual Filter model features separately metered, modular 142mm vertical intake filter holders for parallel filtration. In addition to the new Deep feature, other options for this single event sampler include 4L/min, 8L/min or 30L/min pump heads, 3-tier filter holder for an additional level of pre-filtering, 293mm filter holder, cartridge filter holder, or vertical intake filter holder. McLane Research Laboratories Inc.

Integrated Swath Bathymetry

The EdgeTech 6205s is a fully integrated swath bathymetry and dual-frequency side scan sonar system that produces real-time, high-resolution, side scan imagery and three-dimensional maps of the seafloor using multiphase echosounder technology. EdgeTech.

Wide-Angle Sonar

WASSP (Wide Angle Sonar Seafloor Profiler) generation three multibeam CHIRP sonar with a fully digital DRX transceiver provides a real-time, 3D, high-resolution view, with simultaneous recording of bathymetry and seafloor hardness. Furuno USA Inc.

Microplastics Sampler

A large volume water sampler allows collection of suspended and sinking particles. A total 50-liter sample includes the upper 5 liters for positively buoyant plastics, 40 liters drained for neutrally buoyant materials, and a lower section with a flat bottom chamber for photographing and subsampling. Ocean Scientific International Ltd.

SubC Software Updates

Version 2.6.5 Rayfin software includes strobe compensation, NTP time sync, API scripting, digital PTZ, Ethernet streaming, UDP comms, ultraoptics for wide angle, skate laser line support, a new aux device and expansion ports. SubC Imaging.

Accelerometer, Pressure Sensor

Model 352A59 ICP teardrop accelerometer with a transducer electronic data sheet has a single axis to minimize the effects of mass loading on small devices with an integral M3 connector. Model 105C ICP piezoelectric pressure sensor with integral lead wires yields a resonant frequency > 250 kHz. PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Cable Sets, Connectors and Inlets

100A series pin and sleeve cable sets, connectors and inlets are IP69K-rated for water and dust ingress protection. They have a V-0 flammability rating and chemical-resistant, UV-stabilized PBT housings. They are available in 125/250-V and 30Y 120/208-V configurations. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.

360° Underwater Drone

360-ROV is a 360° spherical, modular ROV and lighting system that uses eight HD cameras to create a live-streaming spherical video. It carries more than 74,000 lumens of light, has modular design for part replacement and works with VR and AR headsets. SWL Robotics.

Remote Vessel Surveillance System

ZigBoat provides access to critical vessel information using a Gateway core with inbuilt GSM/3G module. It accommodates unlimited sensors placed throughout the vessel, accessed via QR code and mobile app. Options include wireless video surveillance and push notifications. Glomex Marine Antennas USA Corp.

Stretch-Resistant Rigging

Three new double-braid running rigging lines, XLS3, MLX3 and GPX for racing, are built on a unified framework using tailor-made materials. Manufacturing includes testing elastic stiffness of rope, its resistance to stretch under load, as an additional component of strength. Samson Rope Technologies Inc.

Dimmable LED Rope Light

A 10-ft. weatherproof LED rope light is equipped with an encapsulated inline transformer for 120- to 277-V input and a wireless remote, ideal for boat docks, shipyards and as a perimeter lighting system. Solid-state LEDs last 100,000 hr. Larson Electronics LLC.

Cybersecurity Dashboard

Dashboard monitors cybersecurity of all protected systems, allowing shipboard and shore-side staff to evaluate fleetwide system data, even offline. The endpoint system gathers information from ECDIS, radar and MCS systems, with onboard access to data both online and offline. Naval Dome Ltd.

Offshore Wind Service Vessel

The Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 3410 service accommodation and transfer vessel (SATV) is designed for operations in the developing North American offshore wind market. It features Twin Axe bow design for optimized sea-keeping behavior and is 6 m longer than previous models. Damen Shipyards Group.

VHF Radios with GPS

Raymarine VHF radios include the compact Ray53, full-sized Ray63 and the multifunction Ray73 with AIS. They are full-function VHF radios with Class D digital selective calling, each with GPS receiver and connection point for optional GPS/GNSS antenna. FLIR Systems Inc.

Fuel Data Processing Network

FUELNET Generation 5 allows collection, storage, tracking and processing of crucial weather data metrics that are activity time-stamped and linked to vessel geolocation. Nautical Control Solutions LP.

Compact GNSS Receiver

A mosaic GNSS receiver supports more than 30 signals from six GNSS constellations, L-band and various satellite-based augmentation systems. A multiband module tracking all GNSS satellites, it will support future GNSS signals. Septentrio.

Precision Excavator

The Carrera E 3D motion-controlled precision flow excavation spread includes a 630+ kW, all-electric deepwater excavator with ROV DP technology and 3D motion control for precision and minimum seabed disturbance. Seatools.