Product Development



Subsea Cameras

The IP Apex SeaCam brings high-quality 4K UHD network video streaming to subsea imaging applications. Using the same proprietary corrector optics as the standard Apex SeaCam, the IP version provides superior imaging performance with a low-distortion 70° HFOV and a 12x optical zoom.

This subsea camera supports common real-time network streaming and camera management protocols as well as h.264 and h.265 compression. The h.265 compression engine minimizes streaming bandwidth and recorded file size, enabling 4K recording to the onboard 256 GB solid-state storage.

Tested with over 10,000 pressure cycles to 6,000 m depth during the validation process, the titanium housing and optically polished dome provide a proven safe and reliable design. The IP Apex SeaCam benefits scientific research and exploration, cinematography, and projects that require the highest quality imaging.

This camera includes a mounting bracket with 1/4″-20 imperial threads. DeepSea Power & Light LLC.

Compact Pan-and-Tilt Camera

Seeing the need for a simple, low-cost, ultra-compact pan and tilt for moving its lights and cameras, Arctic Rays, LLC has released Hammerhead for use on multiple platforms, including ROVs, HOVs, ASVs, landers and fixed platforms.

Seeing the need for a simple, low-cost, ultra-compact pan and tilt for moving its lights and cameras, Arctic Rays, LLC has released Hammerhead for use on multiple platforms, including ROVs, HOVs, ASVs, landers and fixed platforms.

Hammerhead provides a rated torque of 6.8 N-m (5 ft-lbs) and a stall torque of 12.2 N-m (9 ft-lbs) in a compact envelope measuring only 5.45” (138mm) tall x 4.06” (103mm) wide x 2.5” (63mm) deep. Hammerhead features absolute position feedback and unlimited rotation in both axes at speeds up to 5 rpm (30 degrees/sec) with user-settable soft-stops and turns counter for precise control. It is made of 316 Stainless Steel and available in a 1,000-meter rated air-filled version, or a 6,000-meter oil-filled version. In-air weight for the oil filled version is 2.7 kg (6.0 lbs), with in-water weight being 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs).

Electrically, Hammerhead can accept an input voltage of 10 to 50 VDC and draws 120mA per axis un-loaded, and 425mA per axis stalled. Multi-drop RS232 control with soft-addressing allows up to 250 units on a single serial port. Arctic Rays LLC.

Bespoke Peli-Case and Mount

Swathe Services has announced a new bespoke custom Peli-case product which has been designed to fit the surface components of an R2SONIC Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder (MBES) SIM box and Inertial Navigation System.  This product is specifically designed for use in open boats such as ABP Humber’s 5 meter RIB.  

The Peli-case incorporates all the required bulkhead connectors for external cable fittings; an inverter for operating off a DC battery power and a shrouded cooling system.  As part of this small boat solution, ABP Humber also purchased a bespoke designed and built transom transducer mount for the SONIC series of sonars.  This innovative creation by C4R Systems, a supplier of Swathe Services, carried a SONIC 2024 SONAR, I2NS and Valeport MiniSVS.

This purchase follows the delivery of a second R2Sonic 2024 Multi-Beam Echo-Sounder with Integrated Inertial Navigation System (I2NS) earlier in the year. Swathe Services.

Mission Sensor System

The Pro 5 mission specialist series (MSS) sensor configuration for ROVs has increased thrust, longer tether lengths and higher resolution video. The three-thruster system has a forward speed of more than 4.4 kt. VideoRay LLC.

Data-Ready AUV Platform

The HUGIN Superior AUV has upgraded SAS processing, side scan sonar imagery, bathymetry, sub-bottom profiler, camera, laser, magnetometer, turbidity and diverse environmental sensors for methane and CO2 measurement. Kongsberg Maritime AS.

X- and S-Band Radar Systems

The R5000 interface allows multi-station systems, and multiple R5000 processors can be networked together to create a multi-radar system. Options include a 12- or 25-kW up-mast transceiver, or 25-kW down-mast option, and 6-, 9- and 12-ft. open-array antennas with solutions available to suit CAT 1 (H) and CAT 2 (H) SOLAS vessels. Simrad.

Ultrafast Scanning Sonar

CH500 and CH600 Searchlight Sonars can complete a 360° circle in about 3 sec., with selectable scanning steps from 6 to 24°. They include a built-in stabilizer to compensate for pitch, heave and roll, and 11 display modes. Furuno U.S.A. Inc.

Marine Control Drives

Slipping clutch marine control drives (MCD) 2000, 4000 and 5000 perform as fixed-ratio drives when underway and as variable-ratio drives when a power divider is required, splitting main engine power for another operation, such as driving FiFi pumps, lifting cargo, hauling lines or turning generators. Twin Disc Inc.

Cyber Security Services

Fleet Secure Endpoint is based on ESET technology and powered by Port-IT to protect networked computer systems. Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness is a training app for mobile devices to teach seafarers about common cyber-criminal tactics. Inmarsat.

Portable Cable Reels

Rugged portable cable reels (PCRs) allow fast deployment of small-diameter oceanographic cables. They can be used with towed devices such as side scan sonar, underwater cameras, antenna systems and hand-deployed sensors, as well as for storing and deploying tethers for ROVs and UUVs. 2KR Systems.

Integrated Navigational Planning

The Navigator Solutions Portfolio is an integrated, navigational and route optimization platform connecting onboard solutions to shore-based decision support for sharing internal information. It includes onboard, onshore and weather routing in one workflow. StormGeo.

Subsea Streaming Video Gear

The Grenadier camera line has live video streaming that can be transferred over gigabit Ethernet and uncompressed HD video over HD-SDI. MantaRay Parallel Lasers attach to the top of a camera and project two parallel beams that provide the distance and scale of underwater objects. SubC Imaging.

Workboat Technology

New releases include a 32-ft. Defiant pilothouse vessel with Sharktech autonomous technology, developed with L3 ASV, and a high-power diesel outboard for military, government and commercial markets, developed with Cox Powertrain. Metal Shark.

INS and LBL Survey Software

Fusion 2 LBL and INS software combines software, vessel-fit hardware and communication interfaces. Sonardyne International Ltd.