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Sea Technology presents new digital advertising packages

We here at Sea Technology realize that recent events have caused many to reconsider their marketing strategies. This is why we are here to help with our versatile selection of digital media options and packages

By choosing to advertise on our website you can rest assured your product, service, or event will reach a vast audience instantly whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Pick from one of our advertising options to get your company on everyone’s radar in this new frontier.

Web and Newsletter Banners – Get your banner running on our website and/or newsletter for our readers to learn about your company or event.

Bi-weekly Newsletter – Our official newsletter SeaTech E-News brings the latest in the world of maritime. Get a sponsored banner ad or article into inboxes all over the world!

Content MarketingMight be good to entice people to run paid posts. Seeing as Aileen says there’s somewhat of a slowdown in press releases we could lend our services in getting the word out on crucial products and such. something to think about. Get industry leads by submitting your white paper to run as a sponsored article on our website and/or newsletter (e-News).

Continue running your ads in our flagship monthly magazine – Get the best of both worlds with your ad running in both our print and digital editions! Don’t know if we want to spin it like this as we don’t know where we lie with the print edition.

Our print magazine will continue bringing you in-depth feature stories on a monthly basis, but access to them is now easier than ever, courtesy of our digital editions!